Let's Get Sweaty! Here you will find a collection of my favorite workouts!

No Equipment Necessary Workouts
Hometown Workout - Perfect for when you are on vacation
Ski Bunny Bum - Some of my favorite Booty Burners
No Equipment No Nonsense Workout
Step It Up Total Body Workout - All you need is a set of stairs for this workout.
HIIT 15 Minute Sweat Fest
You Vs. The Sand Total Body Blast
Squat - Push - Sit Up WOD For Time
Fab Ab February
100 Pushup Challenge - 6 weeks to 100 continuous pushups
Bootcamp Park Workout - Grab a towel, water bottle, and jump rope and hit the park!
Pump up your core exercises - Three core moves to take your workout to the next level.
Park Bench Outdoor Strength Workout  - Head to the park, find a bench, and get sweaty.

Gym Workouts
De-Code the Weightroom - Your guide to the machines, lingo, and much more!
Bikini Bottom Workout - All you need is a medicine ball for this bad boy!
Stability Ball and Dumbbell Circuit - Total body circuit workout
Full Body Strength Workout
35 Minute Full Body Circuit Stength Routine - You'll need dumbbells, a barbell, leg press machine, pull-up bar, and dip machine
Two Dumbbells and A Jump Rope Sweat Fest - Grab a set of light dumbbells, one set of heavy dumbbells, and jump rope and get ready to sweat.
Head to Toe Toning in the gym
30 x 4 Circuit Challenge - You perfrom each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat the full circuit 4 times.
12 X 4 Power Circuit - You perform each exercise 12 times and repeat the full circuit 4 times.
Power Ten Workout - 10 reps of each exercise + you and a medicine ball = one killer workout!
4/23 Upper Body Bootcamp workout - 4 rounds, 23 reps of each exercise. One rocking workout.
Lower Body Blast Circuit Style - This 40 minute workout will have your lower body toned in no time!
Heart Pumping Leg Fun - A combination of legs and high intensity cardio intervals.
Happy Hump Day Killer - Total body workout using the kettlebell and TRX.
Nifty 50 and Tasty 20 Bootcamp
Sunday Total Body Torcher - Four rounds for time using the kettlebell, TRX, and medicine ball.
TRX and Kettlebell Power Half Hour - Total body HIIT workout in less than 30 minutes.
Total Body Love - HIIT workout using the rower, kettlebell, and barbell.
Kansas City Butt Kicker - Hotel gym total body HIIT workout. Hardly any equipment... no problem!
Monday Morning Jump Start - Sandbags, kettlebell, and pull-ups = a killer workout.
Kettlebell and BOSU Fun
Monday Tabata Workout - You a kettlebell and less than 30 minutes to a great total body workout.
Sweat Is Beautiful Ball Workout - All you need for this workout is a stability ball and medicine ball.
Total Body TRX & Tabata Workout - A TRX and kettlebell toast every muscle from head to toe.
Monday Morning Strength Work - This workout combines the TRX and body weight exercises for a total body workout.
Dumbbells and Gliders Oh My - Grab a set of gliders (or paper plates) and dumbbells and get ready to sweat.
Saturday Morning TRX Blast - Only have 30 minutes? No problem! Get to work with this quick TRX workout.

Lean Legs March Series
Getting Started with Lean Legs March - Week 1 Exercises
Lean Leg March 2014
Week 2 Exercises
Week 3 Exercises
Week 4 Exercises
Week 5 Exercises

Running Workouts
5 Mile Treadmill Interval Workout

Yoga & Pilates Workouts
Booty and Thigh Barre Burner Video
Pound Melting Pilates Video
Outer Thigh Barre Workout Video
Yoga For Runners - My favorite yoga poses for runners
Foam Rolling Fun
Sun Salutations - Don't have time for a full yoga class? Get your blood flowing with sun salutations!

Cycle Playlists
Hip Hop Crowd Pleasers
Cycle To the Movies
Can't Stop The Music 45 Minute Power Ride
80's Ride Playlist

Barre Breakdown Series
Second Position Plie to Passe - Focus on glutes, inner thighs, and quadriceps.
Parallel Squat With Ball - Focus on inner thighs and quadriceps.
4th Position Plie - Quadricep killer!!!
Side Series - Works outer thighs and glutes.
Flat Back - Focus on glutes and hamstrings.

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  1. Glad I found your blog and all your awesome workouts! Excited to try the Thigh barre burner one for sure!

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  3. Well great information on doing workouts. I love doing Squats, and push-ups daily in evening. Earlier I used to see workout videos too to learn new tricks, but now I have joined yoga class and losing my weight easily and naturally.

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  6. Awesome exercises, I am doing HIIT full body workout for women , can you suggest me some cool down exercises?


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