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My name is Lauren George, and I am a barre and Pilates instructor, wife, new mom, and creator of PulsePointe barre! I may not be a prima ballarina or a swimsuit model, but I can kick your cupcakes with 3lb weights and a ballet barre, help you improve your fitness, and make you feel like you're at a party while doing so! Creating fun and innovative fitness programming is my passion and being able to share that passion with other instructors is a true dream come true. I created PulsePointe barre so other instructors can fall in love with teaching barre and Pilates class like I have. 

I have had a passion for movement and fitness for as long as I can remember; however it wasn't until college when I became a group fitness instructor at Texas A&M, that I knew I had found my true calling. My first love was step aerobics and I have taught just about every format under the sun since then. During my junior year of college I fractured my sacrum from teaching too many high impact classes while training for a marathon and began taking Pilates classes for a lower impact workout. I immediately fell in love with what Pilates did for my mind and body. 

After completing my undergraduate work in Sports Management at Texas A&M University, I pursued a masters degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies at The University of North Texas. Upon completion of my masters degree, I  ran the group fitness programs at The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, and Florida State University Recreation Center all while continuing to teach. My passion for learning did not stop with school! Throughout my years in the fitness industry, I have become somewhat of a certification collector. I just love learning new things and hearing others perspectives on the health and fitness industry! My goal was to take what I have learned from numerous certifications, my educational background, and 9 years in the fitness industry to create exceptional Pilates & barre educational programs for the fitness professional! 

I am currently the Operations Manager at ToddPilates Fitness Studio in Austin, Texas where I have the privilege to  teach 10 Pilates and barre classes each week to the most amazing students around! I am married to my high school sweetheart, Eric, who is the most amazing husband, father, and avid sports fan around. In July of 2014, we were blessed to welcome my perfect baby girl Annabelle into our lives. She keeps me on my toes, brightens each and every day, and makes me strive to be a better women!

The Hubs!


Me (8 months pregnant with sweet Belle)

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