Happy Hump Day Killer!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

How's your day going? Have you squeezed in a sweat session yet? If not, I have one for you! But first, let's recap last night's festivities.

I am definitely guilty of not taking full advantage of all the fun things Austin has to offer. Sure we do tons of paddle boarding and hiking, but not very many community events. Luckily, I have great friends, like Whitney, who pull me out! Last night, we went to Food Truck Tuesday at the Long Center. A bunch of food trucks from all around town pull in, a band plays, and you splay out on the beautiful grass and stare at the beautiful downtown landscape all night. Sounds pretty ideal right? Well, you're totally right. It was awesome! I was too busy stuffing my face with fish tacos from Whole Foods and enjoying the party to snap too many pictures, but you can get the idea.

It was a blast! Thanks Whitney! :)

This morning was glorious because I got to sleep in until 7am. Yep, 7am! Heaven! Since I was feeling so rested I was ready for a kick butt workout.

This workout hit every major muscle group and provided a little cardio thanks to the figure 8's and clean and presses! All you need is a TRX, kettlebell, and a mat. A&M towel is optional but highly encouraged. :)

Only 26 minutes for a total body burn! Not bad!

Not too shabby in the calorie department for a strength centered workout.

If you are new to kettlebell, you might not be familiar with the kettlebell figure 8. Here is a great video that demonstrates the figure 8. I usually stick with the first version to protect my knees.

Exercise breakdown (her are the descriptions for some of the more complicated exercises):

TRX Invisible Lunge: You simply stand facing the TRX with elbows bent. Step back like you are going to do a traditional lunge but don't actually touch your back leg to the ground. Press up through your standing heel and bring knee up in front of body. Repeat 12x's then switch legs.

TRX Squat and Row: Stand facing TRX with arms straight out in front of you. Lean away from the TRX like you are going to do a row. Lower down into a squat. At the same time that you stand up out of your squat, pull your arms back to perform a row.

TRX Tricep Extension: Stand facing away from the TRX with arms out overhead and slightly in front of you. Walk your feet back until you are at a slight diagonal angle. Bend elbows like you are tyring to bring your knuckles towards the crown of your head. Extend them back out.

TRX Plank Jack and Pike: Place feet in handles and walk your body out into a plank position. Move legs away from each other like you are doing a jumping jack. Bring them back to the center. Now, pull your belly in and lift your hips like you are trying to do and handstand. Make sure you look back at your feet and point the crown of your head towards the floor. Return to plank position and repeat.

Let me know if you give it a try!

In health,

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