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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Howdy Everyone!

How are you this morning? Did you have a nice Tuesday? Mine was fairly busy but good. Yesterday, I talked about how I often have to take a lot of my meals with me on the go. I could not live without my trusty pink lunch box! I thought today I would talk about some of my favorite on the go meals and snacks.

When it comes to breakfast, I have mastered the art of making oatmeal on the go. I either create my own instant oatmeal package and make my breakfast at work, or make my oatmeal before I leave home and let it cook in my Aggie coffee mug.

When packing my lunch, I often turn to wraps because they are super easy and you can pretty much wrap anything in a tortilla and it will taste great! I almost always pack a container of Greek yogurt for an extra punch of protein at lunch. The microwave in our office is not the best, so I usually try and pack foods that don't require reheating. This kind of limits my meat selection. My two most recent wrap creations looked like this:

Turkey wrap- Greek hummus, turkey breast, and spinach

Veggie wrap- Greek hummus, mushrooms, soy beans, avocado, fat free feta, and spinach
You can also never go wrong with a peanut butter and banana wrap! I love Mission carb balance tortillas for my wraps. They are nutritious and delicious!


I am always looking for new wrap ideas, so if you have any send them my way! Since I am somewhat of a snack aholic, I pack at least 2 snacks a day to take with me. Some days, I feel like my gym bag looks more like a grocery bag. :) I try to make sure my snacks, and meals for that matter, have a good balance of carbs and protein.

Some of my favorite on the go snacks are:
  • a banana and peanut butter
  • a protein shake made with protein powder, fruit, almond milk and non-fat plain yogurt
  • Greek yogurt with truvia and granola
  • homemade chia power balls
  • Luna protein bars
  • an apple and peanut butter
  • a boiled egg and a few berries
It's time to go pack my lunch and afternoon snack for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Q's and A's:
Do you usually pack your lunch or go out to eat?
What is your favorite packable lunch?
What is your favorite snack to carry with you?

In health,

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