Try This Thursday #14

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did you remember to wear your green today? Did anyone pinch you because you forgot? :)

Today's workout consisted of a 4 mile run, followed by 10 minutes of power walking at an incline, and LOTS of push-ups. I'm getting ready to participate in Morgan's PIPES challenge! Zillions of push-ups and toned pipes here I come! Head on over to Life After Bagels to join the Pipes challenge and push your way to toned arms in 6 weeks.

I admittedly have a pretty strong sweet tooth that likes to rear its ugly head around 9pm every night. I have tried many things to calm my angry cravings and lately majool dates have been doing the trick quite nicely! They are so sweet and juicy and knock out my craving with a one-two punch while still allowing me to stick to my healthy eating goals. Dates also work great in recipes to help hold your creations together such as Raw Oatmeal Cookies or Chia Power Balls.

You can tell I like them since there are only three left! :)

Since I've been doing more push-ups lately, I've been trying to shake things up. Try this move, compliments of Fitness Magazine, to take your push-up to a whole new level!

How To: Start on all fours (knees under hips, back flat), both palms pressing into ball directly below chest, fingers pointed toward floor. Extend legs behind you and balance on toes so that you form a straight line from head to heels, with feet about 2 feet apart. Bend elbows to lower chest toward ball, keeping arms by sides, abs engaged and back flat. Exhale as you push back up, straightening arms. Do 8 reps. Rest 60 seconds; repeat.

Another way I like to use the ball while performing push-ups, is to place one hand on top of the ball and the other hand on the ground in a plank position. Lower your chest towards the ground and then press back up to your starting position. Roll the ball to the other hand and perform another push-up. Continue alternating hands for 12-15 reps.
Hurry, today is the last day to enter my Healthy Steps Giveaway! I will be giving away two amazing sets of Healthy Steps products tomorrow. You have until 12:00pm tonight to enter!

Q's and A's:
Have you checked out Morgan's Pipes challenge? Anybody want to join me?
What's your go to food to curb a sweets craving?
Have you entered my giveaway yet?

In health,

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