Annabelle Katherine - 10 Month Update

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Howdy Friends,

Back to back baby girl updates! On the day she turns 11 months old, I am finally getting her 10 month update posted. I know every parent thinks, "wow, how time fly's," but I it really hit me today that my sweet baby is going to be ONE in a month!! How in the world did that happen? It's crazy how sometimes the days seem so long, but 11 months have seriously flown by. I wish I could just freeze her cheesy grins and belly laughs and hold on to them until the end of time.

This tiny human gets more personality by the day. She is a complete ham, and will give you the sweetest and biggest grins anytime you are talking to her. She is definitely a social butterfly and still gets pretty annoyed if you expect her to entertain herself for too long. In her mind, I should be a stand up comedian all day long.

Like her daddy, she does not like to be woken up from naps before she is ready. If you do, be prepared for some awesome nap hair and not so happy faces. 

She still thinks daddy is the greatest things since sliced bread. My favorite part of the day is watching how excited she gets when he comes home! They are two peas in a pod and she has him completely wrapped around her tiny little finger!

I mentioned last month how Belle has some pretty wicked dance moves. Well, she has perfected them even further. Her favorite song is "Drop It Low" and the second it comes on, she gets a huge smile on her face and gets down!

She's getting really good at pulling herself up and loves to hold on to her jumper and dance. She still hasn't quite nailed how to sit down slowly, but it's a work in progress. Still no developments on the crawling front, but she can push herself backwards while sitting. I'll take what I can get.

Baby Belle is still extremely ticklish and loves when you tickle her legs or belly. Most of the time, she starts laughing so hard she folds herself in half.

Annabelle got even more teeth this month (she's up to 8 now), and enjoys eating things that she can bite into. The picture below was her first experience with apples. At first, she wasn't sure how she felt about them, but now she loves them!

She has also made friends with the people at the HEB deli. She much prefers shopping with a side of turkey! The challenge is getting her to just eat the meat and not the paper.

I think she gets more fun with each passing month. Each stage is wonderful, but I absolutely love how she is really growing into her personality right now. She makes me laugh and my heart burst with love every single day!

I am so so lucky to get to be this little angels mom!

In health,

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