Pilates MarchMatness Challenge 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Monday!

Monday is here, and it's time to take this week by storm! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It was pretty cold and rainy here (by Texas standards), so we spent most of our time hanging out at home and getting things done around the house.

I did venture out on Sunday to teach a special birthday class for one of my favorite students! Helen celebrated her 60th birthday by hosting a fit and feisty class for students 50 and older. We had an amazing turnout, and hopefully everyone had as much fun as I did! These ladies kick some serious booty! Happy Birthday Helen!

Can you believe it is already March 2nd? I sure can't! Where has 2015 gone? I am excited to ring in March by participating in the MarchMatness challenge this month. Every day in March is assigned its own Pilates move. To participate in the challenge, you simply post a picture of yourself doing the corresponding Pilates move to Instagram or Facebook. If you attend ToddPilates, don't forget to tag @ToddPilates in your pictures for a chance to win free gear!

Source: www.marchmatness.com

I borrowed this graphic from the MarchMatness Instagram so it is a little hard to read. Here are all of the exercises again in print so you can follow along. 

1. #hundred
2. #rollup
3. #rollover
4. #onelegcircle
5. #rollingback
6. #onelegstretch
7. #doublelegstretch
8. #spinestretch
9. #rockerwithopenlegs
10. #corkscrew
11. #saw
12. #swandive
13. #onelegkick
14. #doublelegkick
15. #neckpull
16. #scissors and #bicycle
17. #shoulderbridge
18. #spinetwist
19. #jackknife
20. #sidekick
21. #teaser
22. #hiptwist
23. #swimming
24. #legpulls front and back
25. #kneelingsidekick
26. #sidebend
27. #boomerang
28. #seal and #crab
29. #rocking
30. #controlbalance
31. #pushup

Yesterday, Belle and I had fun practicing our hundred. She loves playing airplane so she was more than willing to help mom complete day 1 of the challenge! 

Today's move of the day is the rollup. I'll be back tomorrow with our rendition of the baby rollup. 

Are you participating in MarchMatness? If so, linkup below so I can follow you on facebook/instagram/your blog etc!

In health,

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