Belle's First Valentine's Day + Valentine's Day Pilates Class

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an amazing Valentine's Day! We partied hard at the George household! Ok, maybe not exactly "hard," but we definitely had fun! It was a fantastic day from start to finish.

Belle gave me an early Valentine's present by sleeping until 5:30 AM before she requested her first feeding. After I fed her, I squeezed in a quick garage workout and shower. Then I started swiffering the floor expecting her to wake up at any second, but she didn't. She slept for so long I got to sweep, mop, and clean the bathrooms (doesn't sound all that glamorous, but I was so thankful she slept long enough for me to get it all done)!

After spending the morning with Annabelle and E (and enjoying the gluten free muffins E surprised me with), I head to the studio for our special Valentine's Day class. Todd had the great idea to do a love song extravaganza class to celebrate Valentine's Day. Each instructor taught 2-3 songs choreographed to our favorite love songs. Of course, I had to go with upbeat songs, so I chose:

"Living For Love," by Madonna
"When Love Takes Over (feat Kelly Rowland)," by David Guetta
"What I did for Love (feat Emeli Sande)," by David Guetta

You can find these songs and check out my full playlists on my playlists page.

The class was an absolute blast! All of the instructors did great and our class brought their A Game with a ton of energy. After class, there was an after party at Water 2 Wine with wine, snacks, and lots of great company. Below, is my recently graduated trainee, Katie, and she absolutely kicked butt in class. I am so proud of what an amazing instructor she has become. Watch out Pilates world, Katie is coming for you!

Crazy socks and leg warmers called for ridiculous poses of course! Throw back to our cheerleading days.

After class, I headed home to find my sweet tiny human dressed to the 9's in Valentine's Day apparel. The weather was so amazing, we had to take a family walk. She was all smiles the whole time.

She loves to sport Dad's hat anytime he will share. I have to admit, I think it looks even better on her than on E.

After our walk, she showed off her gymnastics skills to all of our neighbors. She cracks up uncontrollably anytime E tosses her in the air. Even when she is at her fussiest, this will usually stop the crying.

And of course, she is still mesmerized by her toes.

After our walk, E and I changed and got ready to go out for dinner. E surprised me by having my wonderful mother-in-law come in to watch Annabelle! We haven't had too many just us date nights since Belle was born, so this was a special treat. It's funny how we used to go out to dinner almost every Friday and Saturday night before Belle. Now we hardly ever do, and I really don't even notice. Hanging out at home with a crazy tiny human can be just as much fun as trying the latest and greatest restaurant. I have officially crossed over to the mom side huh?

After dinner, we decided to take a stroll on the brand new boardwalk that just opened at Lady Bird Lake. It was a gorgeous night, and there was hardly a soul on the boardwalk. It was so nice to just be able to walk and chat while taking in the views. We probably walked for over an hour, and it was just perfect.

The views of the skyline from the boardwalk were absolutely amazing. I love how all of the lights reflect off of the water. If you live in Austin, you have to go check it out at night.

No date night is complete without dessert, so before heading home, we stopped by Central Market for my favorite gelato. It was delicious as always. We hung out there for awhile to soak in a bit more quality time before heading home. It was the perfect ending to the perfect Valentine's Day!

We took E's mom to Wildwood Bakehouse for brunch on Sunday (I am getting so spoiled by all the brunch I've been eating lately), and then spent the rest of the day doing laundry, running errands, doing work from home (both of us), and hanging out with Belle. Nothing too crazy, but nice all the same. Linking up with the wonderful Biana at B Loved Boston for this weekend recap!

I hope you all got to spend time this weekend with those you love!

What did you do this weekend?

Favorite upbeat love song?

In health,

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12 Responses to “Belle's First Valentine's Day + Valentine's Day Pilates Class”

  1. So glad you guys had a great Valentine's day. I'm not sure my leg will do that anymore either! haha!

    1. I don't think mine would either Julie!! Hahsha

  2. Such fun!!! I created a love playlist for my Step class! They loved it! It included allllllllll kinds of different artists!

    1. Ahhhh so much fun!! I wish I could take your class! I so miss teaching step!

  3. Belle is so dang cute! Her valentine's outfit is the absolute cutest! She is killing me with her obsession with her toes. Too funny! That boardwalk sounds wonderful. I love going on walks on dates. It is so relaxing and provides a time to just talk. I am a huge fan of dessert as well. Jake always makes fun of my sweet tooth. It sounds like you had the best weekend! Have a great week, Lauren!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Walking dates are my favorite! Belle cracks me up with those toes. She gets so stinking excited about it!

  4. She is adorable!!! The workout class looks so much fun!! Happy Monday!! Just found your blog

  5. Sounds like you two had a wonderful Valentine's Day date! I love how your hubby surprised you with the date. And your little one looks too cute in her V Day clothing!

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