One tool = Four Easy Meals At Once

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Monday Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! E was feeling a little under the weather, so we mainly hung out at home. This was perfectly fine with me, since I had a lot of projects I needed to get taken care of. We did venture out on Saturday for the UT vs. Kansas basketball game. As always, Belle was dressed for the occasion. 

 It was actually a really fun game until the very end when Kansas started to run away with it for a bit. We even made it there before tip off this time so we got to see all of the pre-game festivities which included strobe lights, fireworks, and thousands of balloons. Belle was VERY impressed!

There was also lots of good daddy daughter bonding time this weekend. :) Please forgive the poor quality of the picture. It was just too cute not to share!

Last week, we talked a little bit about meal planning, and how I do a modified food prep for the week. I definitely believe in having a plan, but I don't always cook all of my meals on Sunday. However, this week, thanks to my wonderful hubby, I got pretty close.

After Belle was born, E started grilling a ton of meat on Sunday night, so at least the protein part of our meals were done for the week. All I had to do was throw together a side dish and salad, and presto, dinner was done.

Since Belle is older now, and I have more time to cook, we don't do this every week, but it's a great way to meal prep when you know you are going to have a busy week! Last night, E got his grill master on for sure! He cooked two gigantic pork chops, 4 chicken breasts (2 with fajita seasoning and 2 with BBQ seasoning), pork sausage for him, and turkey sausage for me.

Are you drooling yet? All of this will go into our dinners this week which lay out as follows:

Sunday: Grilled pork chops with a regular potato for E and a sweet potato for me

Monday: BBQ chicken with roasted carrots (I will make those Monday evening)

Tuesday: Fajitas with black beans (I like to use romaine lettuce for my tortilla)

Wednesday: Sausage wraps and baked beans for E and plain turkey sausage with a sweet potato for me (I will use the leftover turkey sausage in breakfast scrambles throughout the week).

Thursday: Balsamic chicken (not grilled) with green beans - We tried this recipe out a few weeks ago and it was melt in your mouth good!

Friday & Saturday - Out to eat (aka pick up dinner so we can eat while Belle plays with her toys)

I also planning on making some of these delicious chia power balls for snacks! I tried a new chocolate recipe out last week that did not go so well, so back to the original it is.

And that's what our dinners look like for the week! It's so nice to know that 90% of the work is already done. The grill is our secret weapon against take-out during the week.

Alrighty, it's time for Belle and I to get ready to head to the studio. I think she's about ready to teach class by herself. What do you think?

I made this collage over the weekend and realized two things..... 1) She is getting so big and 2) I may be a little obsessed with pink! I'll try to dress her in another color today.....maybe. Linking up with Katie on another Marvelous Monday!

What is you trick to avoid take-out during the week?

How was your weekend?

In health,

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4 Responses to “One tool = Four Easy Meals At Once”

  1. Daddy & daughter time is my absolute favorite. Just watching them bond together melts my heart.

  2. Oh my goodness, Belle's outfit for the basketball game is too precious!

    1. Thanks Nicole!! She's so much fun to dress up! I better enjoy it now before she can protest right?


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