Annabelle Katherine's 6 Month Update

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My sweet baby girl is already half a year old! I loved the sweet cuddly newborn stage, but I REALLY love this stage as well. She is so interactive, loves to giggle, explore, and give big open mouthed hugs that come with lots of drool. She is really turning into a little person, and it is just so fun to watch!

Her crazy little grins just crack me up!

She is a big fan of her feet lately and likes to grab a hold of them whenever she can. This includes during diaper changes which can be a little problematic!

One of the most exciting things that happened this month is mastering sitting up on her own. She went from falling over anytime you let go of her, to sitting up like a champ in about 5 days. Over the course of time we were at the bowl game, she completely mastered the skill and now loves sitting up and playing/eating her toys. Mommy is still a littler nervous as you can see by the crash pillows behind her. :)

Christmas with Belle was an absolute blast this year. Although she didn't understand what was going on, she still loved all the activities and extra attention from friends a family!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders to go see what Santa brought her was a blast! Her stocking was full of new outfits, sensory balls, and a few other fun toys!

She still likes to put the binky in her mouth backwards and chew on the hard part. Pick you battles huh? I just wish I could know what she was thinking!

She loved getting to see Uncle Greg and Aunt Meredith again! They live in Georgia so they haven't seen her since she was about 10 days old. When they came to visit the first time, she wasn't feeling very well, so she was a very grumpy little girl. She was much more excited to play with them this time!

Of course Aunt Emily is always a blast, because what other adult aunt will wear onesie pajamas with you? Not many I would dare to guess!

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful first Christmas with our baby girl! I am so excited for many more exciting Christmas mornings with my little family!

Now that she is officially a big girl, she gets to start enjoying big girl food! :) She started her adventure into the world of solids with sweet potatoes, and had mixed emotions about it for sure. All new things take a little getting used to. We tried again on Sunday and Monday, and I think she is warming up to the taste.

Belle still loves her football, and especially the outfits she gets to wear on game day (even if some of them do have longhorns on them). I don't think she could get any more decked out!

Football is fun, but football with Daddy on the sidelines is the best!! Her little eyes were darting in every which direction trying to take everything in. She is also an extremely social butterfly lately and makes friends with anyone she meets. She became fast friends with the people sitting behind us at the game.

Whenever she is at the studio, she will often sit on my mat and greet everyone as they come in the room. If I leave her in her car seat too long, she will start yelling for someone to come and talk to her. Luckily, the wonderful ladies at the studio are so sweet to her and entertain her all the time. She thinks she has about 100 best friends!

She loves going for walks in her new BOB (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Bayliss), and jumping in her jumper. The more excited she gets while jumping the wider her mouth opens! It's too funny!

Apparently, we hate lying down on our pink bear while mommy folds laundry! But how cute is the pink camo onesie? Grandpa George has excellent taste!

Oh, and tummy time is still our arch nemesis. Belle will usually last about 5 minutes before she just lays her head down and starts screaming. She has great head and upper body control, but hates hates hates being on her stomach. The struggle is real my friends. The struggle is real!

Minus tummy time, she has a naturally friendly and happy demeanor. I just love getting to chat with her all day long. Sometimes I wish I could slow down time and keep her like this forever, but on the other hand, I can't wait to see what a fun little lady she grows into (slowly slowly slowly grows into)!

I don't think my heart could hold anymore love for one person. She truly is the light of my life and the most amazing blessing God could have given me.

In health,

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4 Responses to “Annabelle Katherine's 6 Month Update”

  1. How cute is she?! Starting foods was so fun with my daughter - hope it continues to go well for you!

  2. What a cutie pie! I love her little football outfit. Very cool that she was able to be on the sideline of an NFL game. Annabelle is living the good life :)


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