Happy Healthy Holidays Challenge - Week 2 Workouts

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Monday,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was full of family, food, running, baby giggles and football. I will have a full recap of our Thanksgiving celebrations up tomorrow, but today, I want to check in on how everyone is doing with the Happy Healthy Holidays Challenge.

Did everyone manage to fit in 3 workouts during the week and 10,000 steps each day? I will admit, I worked out 6 days last week, but did not meet my steps goal on Saturday. We spent the morning visiting with family and the afternoon driving. Hopefully, I made up for it by fitting in 19,000 steps on Thursday and 20,000 steps on Friday. It's all about the big picture right?

Today, is the start of a new week, and I am committed to hitting 10,000 steps each day. I also have three fun workouts for you to try out this week! Remember, you can do the workouts I provide, or a workout of your choosing, maybe a training run or your favorite group exercise class.

The first workout doesn't require any equipment at all. If you are at home or the gym and want to add weights to the squats and lunges, you certainly can, but it is not necessary.

Next up, we have a total body strength workout. Each circuit consists of one upper body move, one lower body move, and one cardio burst that also works your core. It combines strength training, core work, and cardio all in one workout!

The last workout for this week focuses on sculpting a chiseled lower half. I put together some of my favorite lower body workouts for a booty blasting good time!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week. Take a moment today to look at your calendar and write in when you are going to do you 3 workouts this week. If you make it an appointment instead of an arbitrary item on your to-do list, you are much more likely to stick to your workout goals! Finding a time to workout is 3/4 the battle most days.

How was your Thanksgiving?

What 3+ workouts are you planning to do this week? I am going to go for a run Monday morning, Thursday morning, and Saturday morning (the race). I also hope to fit in a lighter strength circuit on Tuesday. I am going a little lighter on the strength work this week since I am preparing for my race on Saturday. 

In health,

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  1. Awesome share. Thank you so much for this wonderful share. Your blog is quite motivating and inspiring. I will definitely perform this holiday challenge and boost my freinds as well to try this.


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