An Arm Shaking Good Workout To Kick Off The Week!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Ours was wonderful! Full of family, football, long runs, housework, and reading! We started off the weekend with some fun Halloween activities at the studio. If you missed Annabelle's first Halloween write up, it's worth checking out if I do say so myself. She was pretty darn cute! Once E got home, we headed down to College Station for the Aggie game. E, his dad, and his cousin Robert went to the game while Annabelle and I hung out with my folks for the day. The Aggies won, but it wasn't very convincing. :( We of course spent the rest of Saturday watching all the other football games on TV.

I woke up Sunday morning ready for my long run for the week. It was 45 degrees outside and absolutely beautiful. My legs and hips felt great until about mile 6 when my hips really started yelling at me, but I was able to push through. Overall, it was a great run, and I am really happy with how my training is going so far!

I think something is off with my Garmin calorie calculator. All of the sudden it just became really random with how many calorie it says I've burned. I remember looking down at mile four, and it said I had only burned 122 calories. Geezee, I hope not. It's the distance tracker that I really wear it for, but it's nice to have an estimate of how many calories I've burned during a run. I'll have to see if E can fix it for me.

Training Plan: November 3rd - November 9th
Monday: Metobolic conditioning workout, teach barre
Tuesday: 4 mile run, teach Pilates & Barre
Wednesday: teach barre & Pilates
Thursday: 3 mile run, teach Pilates & Barre
Friday: teach Barre 2x's
Saturday: 9 mile run
Sunday: rest

This morning I did a quick but so not easy metabolic conditioning workout geared to quickly overload the muscles and spike the heart rate. You might associate this kind of workout with HIIT (high intensity interval training) or CrossFit. I listed to an interview with a well known trainer and integrative physician, Jade Teta this weekend and learned more about the science behind this type of workout. Although it was super basic and only took 20 minutes, my arms were literally still shaking 3 hours after I finished. This type of workout not only burns calories during your workout, but afterwards as well thanks to a spike in your metabolic rate and your body working to repair the damage done to your muscle tissue during the workout. I could go into all the details here but that would make for one VERY long post, so let's just say, it kicked my butt with only 4 simple exercises. I do plan on doing more posts on the science behind these types of workouts in the future!

This is the workout Jade suggested trying during the interview.

Back To Basics Metabolic Conditioning Workout
12 Push-ups
12 Squats (I used 20 lb dumbbells in each hand)
12 Rows (I used a heavy piece of resistance tubing, but you could use dumbbells)
12 Overhead shoulder presses.

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

What makes this workout so hard is that you are trying to keep moving continuously from one exercise to the next with essentially no rest . Once you reach a point you can't do another rep, you rest until you have recovered enough to start again. In the CrossFit world they call this workout an AMRAP (as many reps as possible). I wasn't keeping track very closely, but I think I finished about 7-8 rounds in 20 minutes. Boy was I pooped. I'll tell you what though, if you are in a time crunch, this type of workout is the way to go.

After my workout, I quickly grabbed some breakfast before Annabelle woke up. I scrambled up 3 eggs with some turkey sausage and served it with a side of roasted sweet potatoes I made last night. It was delicious!

Once I scarfed down breakfast, it was time to play with the tiny human. She woke up in a great mood and ready to play! We had to do a quick photo shoot right away because I just love this precious onesie! My friend Erin gave it to her, and I've just been waiting for her to grow into it. :)

What a ham! I'm off to do a little work before Belle wakes up from her nap. I hope you all have a great day!

How was your weekend?

If you only have 20 minutes to workout, what do you do?

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  1. Great arm workout! Today is my monday arm workout I might need to borrow this!


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