A day in the life of Annabelle and I!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Howdy Friends,

I have never done this type of post before because I'm not sure anyone really wants a glimpse into my not too crazy life. However, I always love reading these posts when other people do them (especially other mommys) so I thought, heck why not? I'm sorry if it turns out boring!

My schedule changes a little bit from day to day depending on when I teach my classes, but this is a pretty typical Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

4:30 AM - Wake up when I hear the tiny human start to rustle around in her bed. I make a cup of coffee and head in to feed her and put her back to bed. If she cooperates, this usually only takes about 20 or so minutes.

5:30 AM - Arrive at the studio to get everything set up and ready for my 6 AM Barre class. I have to give a shout out to my amazing early morning crew. They make waking up to teach a 6 AM class totally worth it because they are just that much fun.

7:30 AM - Arrive back home to quickly shower, make E's lunch and breakfast smoothie, start my breakfast, unload the dishwasher, and anything else I can squeeze in before Belle wakes up at 8:00 AM. I quickly get her dressed and then we talk to Dad before he heads to work. She usually wakes up pretty chatty. :)

8:30 AM - Tummy time for Annabelle and breakfast time for me! I usually want to chew my arm off by this point I'm so hungry. Annabelle and I spend the rest of the morning playing until it's time for her nap.

9:30 AM - Nap time for Belle and work time for me. I usually have about 45 minutes here to answer as many emails as I can before it's time to wake her up and head to the studio. The expression "light a fire under your a**," totally applies here. I literally feel like I run from one thing to the next during this brief open window. Unless of course Belle decides not to nap like she did yesterday and then the whole plan is thrown for a loop! You have to just roll with it right?

10:30 AM -Wake up Belle and head to the studio for my 11:00 AM class. I feel so incredibly blessed to have a job that allows me to take my little bit with me to work. The babysitter at the studio is amazing and all of my wonderful students dote on Belle. She loves getting to interact and talk with everyone! She's even already starting to practice her Pilates skills. Check out that single leg stretch!

12:15 PM - Time to head home and put Annabelle down for her afternoon nap. If I'm lucky, she will sleep for 2-3 hours in which time I fly around the house like a mad women trying to get as much done as possible. Usually showering, eating lunch (turkey and avocado roll-ups with a green apple have been on the menu for about the last 3 months), answering more emails, working on marketing and social media material for the studio, putting together a blog post, and finishing housework are on the top of my list. If I didn't get to go for a run in the morning ( which only happens on Tuesday/Thursday when I teach at 7 AM instead of 6 AM), sometimes I will fit in a quick circuit workout in the garage while she sleeps. It really is amazing how quickly 3 hours can fly by!

3:15 PM - Belle wakes up hungry and ready to play play play. She is so much more interactive these days and loves to talk, giggle, and play in her new activity center. This is also our errand time if we have things we need to take care of around town. If the weather is nice, we might go for a nice walk around the block like we did yesterday.

5:00 PM - Some days, Annabelle will take another quick cat nap around 5. It usually only lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, but it gives me another opportunity to sneak in a little bit more work.

6:00 PM - The tiny human is awake again! First we feed her dinner, and then she sits in the bumbo and helps me cook dinner. She loves watching me cook. I think she's fascinated by all of the colors.The funniest thing is how she freaks out anytime I have use foil. I'm not sure if it's the sound it makes or how shiny it is, but she always spazzes out whenever I pull it out. Her eyes get big and her arms go flying around. It's too funny!

7:00 PM - E arrives home and Annabelle gets so excited to play with him. Her new favorite daddy game is airplane. She giggles like crazy as he flies her around the house. Somewhere in between airplane and other baby games, we eat dinner and catch up on the day.

8:00 PM - Time for Annabelle to go to sleep. She usually likes to take her time eating at night and then I enjoy some baby cuddles before putting her down. She's so dang snuggly when she's sleepy.

8:45 PM - I reemerge from Annabelle's room and tell E to fire up one of the shows we have on DVR. Thirty minutes later I am passed out on the couch and E has to wake me up and move me into our room. Every night I think I'm going to make it through a show, and every night I fail. Oh well!

So that's how we roll every day! Pound it!

Pound it!

Nothing too crazy, but I love it! I have great friends and family, a precious tiny human, a super fun job, and an amazing husband. I truly feel blessed beyond measure!

What is your favorite part of your day? Mine has to be the time I get to spend playing with Annabelle. Her giggles are truly the best sound in the whole world!

In health,

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2 Responses to “A day in the life of Annabelle and I!”

  1. I love that play jumper/bouncer thing! It is awesome. Unfortunately we have out grown it but having it was fabulous. It lived in the kitchen. :) Sounds like you have your days booked girl! I feel ya. :)

    1. She just started using it and loves it. It's so fun to watch her figure out how it works!


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