37 Week Baby G Update

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday!

Howdy everyone! It's Friday, and I am super excited for this weekend. E was gone for a conference all last weekend so I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with him and we were both super busy this week. I am definitely looking forward to a weekend full of quality hubby time.

Since E was gone last weekend, we forgot to take our 36 week baby bump picture so we snapped one last night for this week's Baby G update.

How Far Along: 37 weeks as of today. Three weeks to go to until our due date! Technically, I am considered full term today so baby girl is good to arrive at anytime!

Size of Baby G: Annabelle is the size of a watermelon at about 19-22 inches and 6.5lbs. I definitely feel like I have a watermelon in my belly.

Movement: This girl is going to come out running. Sometimes, I seriously feel like she is trying to bust out of my stomach right through my skin. I know, kind of freaky. She gets the hiccups about 5-7 times each day, and I always feel them in the same spot every time. She is still kicking my ribs all throughout the day as well. Even though it sometimes hurt, it is extremely reassuring to feel her move.

Exercise: We're still teaching and hope to continue at least until next Friday. I just love how strong my barre classes make me feel and not to mention all of my fun students that I get to see. I'm also still walking every day; however, my pace is still progressively getting slower, but you just got to keep moving. Sometimes I feel like Dori from Finding Nemo.... "just keep walking, just keep walking, just keep walking, walking, walking!" :) Whenever I feel like skipping a workout, I tell myself I'm in training for the toughest workout of my life (labor), and that whips me back into shape (or maybe terrifies me back into shape is a better description).

Cravings: Still watermelon and that's about it. I have been enjoying a good bowl of cereal, but nothing too crazy. I think baby girl is going to be a picky eater, because she pushes the reject button on almost everything.  I think she's just running out of room in there and my stomach gets in her way.

Miscellaneous: I am ready for this baby girl to arrive. I'm nervous and know our lives are going to change forever, but the anticipation is killing me! I just can't wait to meet her, hold her, and kiss her sweet head! I can't believe that one way or another she will be here in less than a month. I am also just ready to get this whole labor thing over with. I am a planner, so not knowing when and how everything is going to go down makes me very anxious. I know this is definitely something I can't control, so I am "trying" to let go. However, that has never been something I'm very good at to be honest with you. I'm doing my best!

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I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

In health,

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