Baby G Update + Maternity Pictures

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hi Friends!

Happy Hump Day! I'm a little behind on the Annabelle update so let's get right to it.

Baby G Update

How Far Along: 34 weeks last Friday. Just a tad over a month to go!

Size of Baby G: Annabelle is the size of a pineapple weighing in at about 5 pounds and between 19-22in. I definitely feel like I have a pinapple in my stomach!

Movement: Holy Karate Kid! This girl has some legs on her. Last time we went in, the Dr. said she is already head down. I would have been willing to bet my life on that before she even told me since my right rib cage is under a constant kicking assault. She also gets extremely active whenever I lay on my left side. Our new nightly entertainment usually involves watching my belly move around like there is a bowling ball inside as she rolls around. It's pretty crazy!

Exercise: I'm still holding strong with exercise. Teaching Barre is still going well although getting down on the floor for Mat is getting harder and harder. I am trying to incorporate more TRX work so I can challenge my core from a standing position and keep my upper body strength up. I'm also still walking every day, but I'm definitely getting even slower because of my hips. Round ligament pain is in full swing now and I often have to stop a few times during the walk to let the ice pick stabbing sensation in my hips subside. I also have a touch of sciatica in my left leg. Even though I sound like I'm falling apart, exercise still makes me feel really good, and I plan to keep it up till the bitter end! Fingers crossed!

Cravings: So watermelon has made it's way back in my life, but I'm limiting myself to one a week. It's still one of the few things that sound good. Annabelle is still hitting the reject button on most things I eat for breakfast and on some things I eat for other meals as well. She told me yesterday she is not a fan of grilled chicken and gluten free pasta. :( I have seriously had almost as much morning sickness in my third trimester as my first. NO ONE warned me about this!

Miscellaneous: Baby girl's nursery is almost done!! We have a few last things to put away and then I will share pictures. Also, my amazing friend Sophie, with Seen Photography, took our maternity pictures a few weeks ago and they turned out beautifully. I wasn't sure I was going to do them, but now that we have them, I am so glad we did. It's such a special time and now I'll have these to treasure forever. Here are a sneak peak of a couple!



I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a TRX Tabata workout.

In health,

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  1. So happy for you guys and can't wait to meet the little one! Love you guys!


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