32 Week Baby G Update + Mamma Chia Giveaway Winner

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. We certainly did! I had to work until 2:45 PM on Saturday, but after that we headed down to Lockhart, Texas for dinner. Did you know Lockhart is the BBQ capital of Texas? I didn't either until Saturday. You literally step out of your car in Lockhart and it smells like BBQ. We went to one of the oldest BBQ joints in the town, Black's. It was seriously the best BBQ I have ever had! We also took a walk around Lockhart's town square and checked out their beautiful decorative courthouse. The whole town was too cute and the food was out of this world!!!

After dinner, we drove over to San Marcos to do a little outlet mall shopping. I got 2 new pair of workout pants from Under Armour and a bunch of precious onesies for Annabelle! Carter's had a big sale going on so I went a little crazy! :)

Sunday morning, I woke up early and headed to the grocery store. As soon as I got to the store, I started feeling extremely nauseous. I tried to hurry through grocery shopping as much as possible so I could get back home ASAP. I've been getting really nauseous after breakfast the past few days, but I hadn't even eaten anything yet so I'm not sure what was up. As soon as I unloaded the groceries, it was back to bed for me until my tummy settled down.

When I could finally move around without worrying about seeing last night's BBQ again, we headed to Sam's to stock up on a few baby supplies. Someone believes you are only a real man if you carry EVERYTHING in from the car at once. E snuck a 7ct box of Snickers in with the baby supplies.

It was a successful trip! We spent the rest of the afternoon catching a few rays, cleaning the house, bathing champ, and taking him for a walk. E grilled me a delicious Mother's Day dinner so it was the perfect evening! Speaking, of baby shopping, it's time for an Annabelle update.

Baby G Update - 32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks last Friday - Less than 2 months to go!

Size of Baby G: Annabelle is about the size of a head of lettuce weighing in at approximately 3.5-4lbs and 19inches. That seems huge to me!

Movement: She is still a very active one, especially whenever I lie down on my left side. I think she likes to practice walking on the side of my belly. I layed out in the backyard for a little while on Sunday, and you could totally tell when she shifted around because my whole belly would shift to one side. Kind of creepy, but really cool at the same time.

Exercise: Exercise is still going pretty well! I am teaching two barre classes everyday Monday-Friday, and walking about 3 miles on the treadmill as well. I've been trying to incorporate more independent strength work lately to keep up as much of my muscle mass as possible. It's crazy how your body just really doesn't want to feed your muscles while pregnant. I'll have a quick TRX and medicine ball workout up for you guys tomorrow. The hip and back pain are still pretty bad, but I've found that if I stretch pretty consistently throughout the day to keep things loose, I can keep moving.

Cravings: Well, since I found out watermelon might be causing my stomach problems, that's been out for a week now. I'm still pretty devastated about it! Since there is no watermelon in my life, I don't really have any cravings. I'm sticking to smoothies in the morning since the little one likes to hit the reject button if I try to eat any real food for breakfast. :)

Miscellaneous: I am really really missing hardcore sweaty workouts. I literally had a dream about burpees last night so I am looking forward to when I can work out full force again.

Giveaway winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Mamma Chia Giveaway. Our winner is Janet Lynn! If you could email me your address at LaurenEGeorge@gmail.com I can get your goodies sent right over!

How was your weekend?

In health,

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