Baby G Update - 30 Weeks

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Let's start with a little Monday motivation. I saw this picture on Pinterest last week and thought it was a great reminder for Monday morning.

This weekend was absolutely fabulous because I got to catch up with one of my favorite people, Jenny! She and her fiance, Garrett, came in on Saturday. We immediately met up for lunch at Moonshine and noshed on some delicious food while catching up. After lunch, we headed over to Abel's On The Lake to soak up some sun and beautiful views.

It was a blast. They are getting married in September in Utah, so we had a blast discussing all the details! Sunday, we got up and headed to Kerbey Lane for brunch and more good times. It was a wonderful visit with a great friend!

Baby G Update!

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How Far Along: 30 weeks last Friday - 7.5 months in normal people speak! Only a tad over two more months until we meet our little one.

Size of Baby G: Annabelle is about the size of a butternut squash weighing in at approximately 3lbs and 17inches. She's a growing girl!

Movement: This little one is still dancing through life 24/7. She's getting so strong now she can actually make my shirt and even the covers move when she kicks! Annabelle definitely has certain time throughout the day when she is extra active. Unfortunately, one of those is still the wee hours of the morning so sleep is a little rough around here. :)

Exercise: I'll tell you one thing, being pregnant definitely makes you thankful for a pain free body! The constant hip and lower back pain is totally worth what is waiting for me at the finish line, but it's definitely slightly demoralizing when it hurts to walk 1 mile around the block when you are used to intense workouts. I am still managing to squeeze in 3-4 miles a day. They're just not very fast miles. I have also switched to mainly teaching barre classes since those involve a lot less lying on my back. I can't tell you how thankful I am for barre! It helps me feel strong and some what normal throughout all of these changes. If you are preggers and haven't taken a barre class, I would totally recommend it. I actually did a post last week about Prenatal Pilates and Barre and what precautions you should take in each trimester.

Cravings: I still can't get enough watermelon! It's pretty much all I want to eat 24/7. Since I know a growing baby needs a little bit more than just watermelon, I do eat other things but boy is that pink stuff delicious. I have also recently started craving California rolls like a mad women. I may have had them 3x's last week for dinner! Wooops! Those are probably the only two things that really count as cravings. A lot of things still sound disgusting, but I just work around that.

Miscellaneous: Her precious nursery is really coming together. We have all of the furniture in and put together and even some of the wall art hung. It is everything I imagined and more. I find myself coming up with excuses to go in there multiple times a day just because it makes it all seem so much more real!

That's about all that is new around here folks. It's time for a little breakfast before I head into the studio. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

In health,

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