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Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Friday Friends!

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How's your morning going so far? Mine has been super productive for a Friday. I taught my 6 AM Barre class this morning, went to the grocery store, found a pediatrician for Annabelle, reserved a spot in a birthing class (eek), worked on finding a newborn photographer, did some work for the studio, and now I'm working on this wonderful SWEATY blog post! Love it!

Today's IDEA Fit #SpringIntoAction word of the day is SWEAT, and we all know I like to do that. In honor of Alison, from Fearlessly Fierce, and my Spring Into Action Series, I wanted to put together a list of all of my favorite SWEATY outdoor activities!

Although I am a big fan of any workout that takes me outside, hiking is definitely my number one favorite. Drop me off in the middle of nowhere with pretty scenery, a water bottle, a packed lunch, and E, and I am one happy happy girl! Some of my favorite hikes were in Beaver Creek Colorado, Virginia, and Pedernales Falls, Texas.

Next up on my list, would probably be running in the great outdoors. The treadmill just can't touch what it feels like to get outside and open up your stride. Training for races always makes running outdoors more fun and meaningful as well. I love doing races that have great scenery. The Dallas 13.1 was really fun because we got to run all through downtown and uptown Dallas. This is a SWEATY post race picture with my friend Kristen.

Sometimes it's fun to take your strength work off the gym floor as well! You can take your favorite piece of equipment with you or simply use the elements to challenge your body. Here are some workouts I have enjoyed in the past.


outdoor exercise, strength training

Or this outdoor park workout using just a jump rope and things you will find around a park.

It is now 5:12  PM and I am just now finishing the post I started at 9:00 AM this morning. What took so long you ask? Well, I had a minor incident in my 11:00 AM class that put a damper on my plans. We had a packed house and things were rocking along beautifully until my pinkie toe connected with someones water bottle and bam dislocated it again!!! NOOOOO!!!!

Luckily, one of the other instructors was there and took over the class for me so I could excuse myself. My amazing friend Kim was also in class and came out to help me. She tried to get it back into place, but it was a no go. There was a chiropractor right next door so we went there to see if they could help. They were sooo incredibly nice, took me right back and popped it back into place. Kim was an angel and held my hand through the whole thing!! Oh my goodness, it hurts like the dickens. How can such a small thing cause so much pain? It's still pretty swollen and throbbing, but I'm hopeful it is all the way back into place. It's hard to tell when it is so fat!

I've spent the rest of the afternoon with it propped up on a pillow with ice on it. I am going to have to figure out some way to protect my bare feet better since it seems to keep happening over and over again! Any suggestions from people who also teach or take barefoot classes?

I hope you all have a great rest of your Friday and a wonderful weekend!

In health,

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