Las Vegas Fun and A Baby G Update!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Monday Friends!

Woah, what a weekend! I headed to Vegas to celebrate the wonderful Kelley Smith's bachelorette party! It was so much fun to get to spend time with some of my best friends and celebrate Kelley and Eric getting married in May. Kelley has been my best friend since 2nd grade, so I couldn't be happier for her and her upcoming big day.

Think you can't have fun in Vegas without drinking? Think again. This prego lady rocked Vegas without a single drink (duh!). :) On the first night we got in pretty late so we just went out to a low key club in our hotel for drinks.

On Friday, we did a little shopping in the morning and then headed to the spa. Kelley's fiance Eric, purchased us all pedicures. What a keeper! Since we were having a spa service done, we had access to all of the spa's amenities such as a whirl pool, sauna, salt room, and more. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. Later on that night, we got decked out and headed out for Sushi Samba and a night out on the town to celebrate! Baby Annabelle of course got in on the action.

It was so much fun! By Saturday, we were all feeling our lack of sleep so we went for a leisurely brunch around 10:30 AM then headed back to the spa to lounge. Later on in the afternoon, we headed over to check out the Cosmopolitan hotel and eat dinner at Scarpetto. It was delicious, but not my favorite. After dinner, it was off to watch a Cirque De Soleil show! Well, after we stopped for ice cream of course.

It was a great time with great friends, but I am definitely one tired mama now! I've got lots of rest to catch up on for sure!

Baby G Update

About mid photo shoot, Champ decided he wanted in on the action so he came over to pose with Annabelle and I!

How Far Along: 24 weeks (6 months in normal people speak)

Size of Baby G: Annabelle is about the size of a cantaloupe this week.

Movement: Annabelle is definitely a mover and a shaker. She still moves the most at night, but now pretty much anytime I sit still for a long period of time, I can feel her moving. I think she's going to come out in constant motion.

Exercise: During the last update, I celebrated because my hip flexors were feeling better so I was back to my normal cardio sessions. Well..... I think I jinxed myself because I dislocated my toe shortly after that. I had to spend most of last week trying to stay off of my foot as much as possible while the swelling went down. Finally, it subsided and popped all the way back into place during my Thursday morning Barre class. It's amazing how you have an instant feeling of pain relief as soon as it is all the way back into place. Now, I'm back on schedule walking 3-4 miles a day, teaching my classes, and squeezing in 2-3 strength workouts a week. Core work is definitely getting harder and harder so I'm modifying more and more. Minus the toe snag, I am feeling pretty good. My hips are definitely still giving me trouble and hurt on and off throughout the day, but I think that is just something I am going to have to deal with for the next 4 months or so. She's worth it! :)

Cravings: Still loving grapefruits, potatoes, and ketchup. I also love watermelon, but I love it when I'm not pregnant too. I've been trying really hard to make sure I am getting plenty of protein in with lots of eggs, lean meats, and whey protein. Additionally, I've been trying to increase my greens intake with big salads and green smoothies.

How was your weekend?

In health,

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  1. It is so true how much fun you CAN have when you are out and pregnant! I went to 2 weddings during my pregnancy and had the BEST time at both! haha! Keep up the great work you look fantastic!!


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