Red River Rivalry Game

Monday, October 14, 2013

Howdy Friends!

What a weekend! How was yours? Wonderful, I hope. Ours was fun and jam packed. This was our first time to attend the big Red River Rivalry game between OU and UT. It definitely did not disappoint!

We headed to Cleburne on Thursday evening to visit E's grandmother and try to avoid some of the crazy traffic that happens the Friday before the big game. On Friday, we drove over to Dallas to have lunch with some of the people E used to work with at Deloitte. We spent the afternoon chatting with them and visiting some of our old stomping grounds in Dallas. That evening we ate dinner with my friend Kelli, her husband, an their precious little girl Gracie!

Saturday was all about football (per usual). We headed towards the Fair Grounds at around 8:00am and arrived around 9:00am after a long trip on the dart and some walking.

Yes, we both rocked burnt orange, which was tough, but we were still supporting our Aggies. Gig'em Ags! I must admit, it felt pretty weird wearing that color, but anything to support the hubby!!

Our good friends from high school, Dan & Julia, went to the game with us. Julia went to OU and Dan went to A&M, but like a good husband, he supported his wife's team. :) As soon as we got to the fair, E and Dan were on the hunt for fried cookie dough of course!

He said it was delicious, but I just had to take his word for it. After our fried cookie dough experience, it was time to make our way towards the Cotton Bowl!

It was hot hot hot and super humid. I regretted wearing jeans pretty much as soon as we got to the fair, but what can you do? We found our seats and settled in for the game.

Texas started out strong and stayed that way. We were all kind of expecting to get beaten pretty badly by OU, but Texas came to play and by the end of the 3rd quarter it was pretty much a sealed deal.

After the game, we headed back out into the fair. We got Dan and Julia a Fletcher's Corn Dog and them made a swift exit. There were just too many people and it was still blistering hot.

The new Big Tex!

We headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and to change clothes before the Aggie game!! Whoop! It felt good to be back in maroon. We ate dinner near by at Twisted Root and then watched the game in the hotel room since E doesn't like anyone distracting him during Aggie games. It was an intense one, but we eeked out a win over Ole Miss in the end.

We slept hard Saturday night after all of the football excitement. On our way back home to Austin we stopped in to visit our friends Chelsea and Joseph and their precious baby Kendall.

They both look so cute! By the time we got back to Austin, did the laundry, and went grocery shopping we were both pooped so it was a breakfast for dinner kind of night. Gluten free pancakes with eggs were just what the doctor ordered.

Monday started off bright and early with a 5:30am client. Bring it on week!

Have a great day!

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