Barre Breakdown - First Position Plie With Band

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Howdy Friends!

How was your Tuesday? Mine was full of Pilates and Barre as usual! Just how I like it. I had a client this morning at 5:30am and then taught PilatesMat at 7:00am, 9:00am, and 10:15am. I was a tired and hungry pup after that! Luckily, after my 10:15am class I had a nice long break and got to go home for a few hours. I grabbed some lunch and got a lot of cleaning done. I'm feeling almost back to normal but E isstill not feeling well so I tried to do as much disinfecting as possible!

Last week I got some extremely exciting news that was officially announced today! I was selected to represent Texas as a Fitness Correspondent for MyGroupFit. MyGroupFit is an online resource for group fitness professionals where instructors can go to learn new choreography, explore best practices, find new music, and hear what other pros in the industry are doing. I am extremely honored to a part of such an amazing team!

If you are a group fitness instructor or even just a fitness junkie, I definitely encourage you to go check it out!

As many of you know, I absolutely LOVE teaching barre. I got certified almost two years ago and have had so much fun learning and growing as a barre instructor ever since. I thought it would be fun to do a Barre Breakdown series over the next few weeks here on the blog. Every week, I will post a new barre exercise that you can do from home or at the gym during your next workout. Even if you can't get to a barre class, that doesn't mean you can't reap the rewards of this great form of exercise.

Barre Breakdown - First Position Plie with the Theraband
works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lats, triceps, and shoulders

To begin, hold on to the band between the thumb and the pointer finger about a foot or two away from the barre. You could also anchor the band around a pole if you don't have a barre. Arms should be extended by your side in line with the seams of your pants. You want your band to be nice and tight.

Next, place your heels together and toes apart coming into first position or Pilates V. Lift your heels off the floor into relevee keeping them connected. Lower down into your plie position making sure your knees are pointing in the same directions as your toes. Pull your pubic bone towards your belly button and tuck your tailbone underneath you just slightly. The arch in your low back should be minimal.

Leaving your arms straight, press the band back 16 times like you are giving someone a low five behind you. This works your lats, shoulders, and triceps.

Holding the arms back slightly so the band stays tight, lower down for two counts and up for two counts 8 times. Pretend you are sliding your head, back, and glutes down an imaginary wall.

Finally, hold your plie as low as you can without compromising your form, and pulse 16 times.

Work up to repeating this series 3 times. If you give it a try, let me know!!

Are you a fan of barre classes?

If so, what is your favorite move?

Are there any particular moves you would like to see broken down?

I'm off to finish dinner and spend time with the hubby! I hope you all have a great evening!

In health,

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