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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

How is your Wednesday going so far? I started my day off with an awesome interval ride at the cycling studio I teach at! The playlist had me singing the whole class. My poor students!

Here is me after a super sweaty ride!! Forgive the picture quality, we took it in the dark. If you live in Austin come join me for a class a Pure Ryde! If you need some new tunes for your workout playlist check out what we rocked out to this morning.

How about a little hump day circuit workout to get your day moving? This is the workout we did yesterday in my boot camp class. Just because you can't sweat with us, doesn't mean you can't get a killer workout wherever you are in the world. We did this circuit 4 times. Round 1 - 60 seconds, Round 2 - 45 seconds, Round 3 - 30 seconds, Round 4- 15 seconds. Try to only rest when you have completed the entire round.

TRX Squat and Row (source)

Kick Butt Upper Body Circuit

1) TRX Squat and row

2) Tricep extensions with tubing looped around a fixed point.

3) Sandbag burpees (do a burpee and on your way up, press a sandbag overhead)

4) Bicep curls on top of a BOSU for a balance challenge

5) Forearm plank on a BOSU

6) Battle Rope!!!

7) Stability ball push-ups (your shins should be on the BOSU as you perform your push-ups)

Battle Rope (source)

This circuit will hit every major muscle group in your upper body and have you dripping with sweat! I hope you enjoy!

I'm off to work on a coconut flour cookie recipe for you guys! If it works out, I'll have it up for you tomorrow! They sure smell good! :)

What are your favorite cycling tunes? I'm always looking for new material!

In health,

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