Let's Go Bananas

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday Friends,

How is your Friday treating you so far? Mine is going pretty well. I taught one class this morning and then took another. They were both super fun and my booty is going to feel it tomorrow, or maybe it's feeling the back to back cycle classes I taught yesterday! I was heading in to teach my normal 5:30pm class when the 6:45pm instructor asked me to sub. I teach back-to-back classes all the time, but two cycle classes in a row is a whole different story! Both of my classes rocked it, but I was one tired pup afterwards. Check out the stats for my mileage in my second class (not too bad since I got off my bike a couple of times to help students). I did 17.9 miles during the first class but forgot to take a picture.

At the end of the second class I was pretty excited about my total calorie burn. Not too shabby!

Yesterday was also full of banana deliciousness. I had to swing by Central Market on my way home from my barre class to grab some bananas when I came across dark chocolate covered banana chips. I know, my mind was blown too! They were to die for and not terribly unhealthy for something that squishes a sweats craving like the best candy bar out there!

I'm so addicted it's scary! If you see these guys at your local Central Market, I definitely recommend them! I kept the banana theme going with my after dinner treat. Since I had just purchased a bushel of bananas, why not whip up some banana ice cream?

There is nothing tricky about this delicious treat. Simply throw all of your ingredients in a blender and blend until thick.

1 frozen banana cut up into small pieces
2 tbsp PB2
1/4 cup light soy milk
1 handful ice
1/8 tsp xantham gum (this is optional it just helps to thicken the ice cream.
1 packet of stevia

Start conservatively on the milk and add a little bit as needed to get things moving. Your mixture should be as thick as frozen yogurt at the end. This has been my go to fix for ice cream cravings lately!

I'm home for the rest of the afternoon so I think I am going to take the wild man (aka Champ) for a walk and catch up on some reading. This is Champ after our walk yesterday and the beautiful flowers we saw along our route. Spring has definitely arrived in Austin!

I have been reading The China Study and can't put it down. The author walks the line of being entertaining while still maintaining the integrity of the scientific information he is sharing. I am about a quarter of the way through and it is extremely eye opening.


It definitely makes you think about how every single thing you eat affects your body and overall health. I will do a full review of the book when I'm finished.

Have you read The China Study? What did you think?

In health,

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