A Beautiful Weekend!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Monday Friends!

It's the start of another week. A chance to start fresh! A chance to look on the bright side! This past weekend was pretty bright as well. We had a fun action packed yet relaxing weekend. The best kind if you ask me.

On Friday, we tried out a new pizza spot called Craig O's Pizza. It was a cute locally owned spot with a hometown feel. I ordered the gluten-free veggie pizza and E devoured a huge pepperoni and Canadian bacon pizza.

The pizza was delicious, and I loved the mural of the Austin skyline on the wall! After dinner we went to watch Minnesota whoop up on UCLA in the NCAA Tournament. We went to the Final Four games a few years ago and had a blast, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see a game when it was right here in Austin.

My amazing in-laws came in Saturday morning to spend the day with us. We started out with a little shopping at Luke's Locker and then lunch at Thunder Cloud. After a quick change (it got hot), we headed over to Lady Bird Lake to watch the UT Women's Rowing Team in the Texas Invitational. I had never been to a Regatta before so I soaked it up. I must have taken a thousand pictures, but here are some of my favorites.

UT kicked but while we were there. Aren't the turtles cute? They were hanging out along the bank when we were walking over to the tournament.

Sunday morning I taught a PilatesBarre class at Todd Pilates. It was a ton of fun as usual. We were shaking and burning the whole class! If you live in the Austin area, there is actually a great living social deal going on right now for class passes to ToddPilates. Check it out, and come burn you booty at the barre or mat with me! :)

After class, it was off to the grocery store for me. Then we went on a fun family walk. The temperature dropped significantly here in Austin, so we wanted to sneak it in while it was still sunny.

Guess what we did for the rest of the afternoon? If you guessed watched March Madness, you would be correct! E says it is "the second most wonderful time of the year" (after bowl season of course).

Dinner was simple and delicious - a portobello mushroom seasoned with seasoning salt, cayenne pepper, and black pepper then seared in a frying pan with a pat of coconut oil. Top with avocado and serve with a salad and you have a meatless dinner in under 10 minutes!

I spent the rest of Sunday evening creating a Fitness Page on the blog! Now you can find all of your favorite workouts on one page.  Go check it out and let me know what you think!

How was your weekend?

What's your favorite all veggie dinner?

In health,

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