Friends, Fun, and Adventures in 2012

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 was a great year to say the least! We moved to Florida, I got an amazing new job at Florida State, we made new friends, spent time with old friends, went to lots of weddings, tons of football games, and enjoyed every minute of it! The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words," definitely fits here. Here are a few highlights from a jam packed year!

We rang in the new year with Eric's brother Greg and his wife Meredith at the American Airlines Arena.

One of the things that I am the most proud of completing in 2012 is my Balanced Body Pilates Reformer and Apparatus Certification. It took 4 months and a lot of practice time, but it was worth every second of it!

I also had the opportunity to complete a Booty Barre Certification with Tracey Mallet. This is an absolutely fantastic certification and I have had so much fun teaching Booty Barre this year.  

Champ grew a ton in 2012, but he remained his precious goofy self!

Me and two of my best girlfriends, Kelley and Daphne, took a trip to Cali to celebrate Daphne's birthday. It was probably one of the most fun weekends of my life. I love those girls!!

We had the pleasure of watching our good friends Joseph and Chelsea get married.

E had fun visiting Greg's Air Force Base!

We took a trip to Florida to find a place to live before we moved!

I hosted a baby shower for my best friend Kelli!!!

We made the big move to Florida!

I became a Master Trainer for an amazing new strength program named QiFORZE!

We had a blast at Seminole Football Games!

Me and the girls (Jenn, April, LT) tailgating before a game. I love these girls so much, and feel so blessed to have met them.

I took a trip down to Austin to visit my crazy sister!

I taught QiFORZE workshops in San Marcos, Dallas, and Tallahassee.

I visited New Orleans for the first time for the Athletic Business Conference. Me and the bopsy twins posing in front of a gigantic Christmas tree in NOLA!

I also got to catch up with old friends. Alison and I taught together in college and I miss her to pieces!

It's going to be hard to top 2012, but I have a great feeling about 2013. Check back in tomorrow for the top workouts of 2012!

Happy New Year Everyone!

In health,

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  1. blessed and memorable! i would say that wraps up 2012 nicely!


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