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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hi Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! How are you? Things are good here in the sunshine state. I've been lucky enough to be busy spreading the QiLOVE and teaching other instructors how to teach QiFORZE over the last couple of weeks. I actually got to do a workshop in San Marcos 2 weeks ago with the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Texas State!

I flew into Austin at around noon on Friday so I got to spend the whole day with my lovely little sister Emily!

Yep, she made me ride on the back of that thing. Thankfully, we were not going far and stayed on neighborhood streets. She took me to this amazing restaurant called the Snack Bar that had so many gluten-free options I didn't know what to choose!

It was so yummy, I completely forgot to take a picture when my food came out. Bad Blogger! Next, we went to check out the only completely bulk food grocery store in Texas. Everything is locally grown, and you bring in your own containers to fill up with food and take home!

It was so neat! I purchased dark chocolate covered cocoa beans, iced coffee, and apple pie spice walnuts! Yumm!!

This past weekend, I taught another QiFORZE course here in Tallahassee. We had a blast getting our "Gorilla" on (that's one of the moves in the workout and it gets stuck in your head). :)

What have you been up to lately?

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

In health,

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