Best Healthy Cooking Helpers!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello Friends!

How are you today! It's hump day Wednesday. I am so excited to report that my toe is almost back to its normal size. I can walk pretty normally and fit a Tom on today. Whoop! Baby steps people.

I was browsing around Pinterest (what's new?) and started noticing how many great healthy cooking graphics I had saved. I refer back to these all the time, so I wanted to share them with you and see if you had any favorites.

My first favorite comes compliments of Jordan over at Picklee. Check out her blog for more specific information about how to make these swaps! She's awesome!!

Source: Jordan @ Picklee

Next up, we have a handy dandy measurement graphic from Chef Juli Yoon!

Source: Chef Julie Yoon

This one via Udi's Gluten-Free, is super helpful for us gluten-free baker wanna be's!

Source: Udi's Gluten-Free

This last one is definitely my all time favoite. I am a Chobani addict and love subbing it for less healthy alternatives in cooking!!

Source: Chobani

I hope these are a helpful guide for making your next dish a little bit healthier. Little swaps can make a huge difference when it comes to cooking.

Do you try to swap out for healthier ingredients whenever possible?

Do you have a favotie healthy cooking helper?

In health,

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