My First Run In Tally!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Happy Saturday! I must admit, I have not broken the "howdy" habit, and have received quite a few funny looks from Floridians when they hear me say it. Honestly, I don't think I'm ever going to stop saying howdy, and I"m ok with that! :)

Yesterday, was my first day at my new job and my first run in Florida. It was quite a bit cooler in the morning than it was in Dallas, but the humidity was a whole new challenge. I knew it would be humid here but, it's hit you in the face make you sweat buckets in .2 seconds humid. I was a huge puddle of sweat by the end of the run, but it was still really enjoyable.

One of the best things about running here in Tallahassee, is the beautiful scenery. There are huge oak trees everywhere, and they are all covered in Spanish moss. Our neighborhood is also home to numerous lakes, ponds, and beautiful parks. It's the absolute perfect place to run, and I feel so blessed to get to take in this scenery every day.

Considering it was one of my first runs since I hurt my foot back in February, I was pretty happy with it. I stayed under my old training pace, and finished 3.83 miles feeling pretty good. I had to hurry home so I could get to work. Surprisingly, I was a little bit sore this morning in my hamstrings and obliques. I guess what they say is true, there really is nothing that works your body exactly the same way as running. Although I have been teaching 10+ classes a week and working out on my own since February, I could definitely tell I had lost some of my running ability. No worries, I have plenty of lakes to run around here to get my legs back under me! :) I squeezed in another 3 miler this morning, and it felt great!

I really want to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February so I'm starting to build my running base back up. What could be better than running a half marathon through Disney World surrounded by other people who love running wearing a Princess Costume? Not much, if you ask me! Now, I just have to decide what Princess I am going to be. Any suggestions?


Alrighty folks, E and I are off to look for a new couch. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

In health,

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