Half Way Across the Country!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hi Friends!

I've missed you guys! I want to send a big thank you out to Amy and Carolyn for holding down fort while I was driving all over the place! The past few days have been crazy, but full of fun, changes, and lots of driving.

We started our adventure on Friday as we drove to Kansas for E's cousin Lacey's wedding. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and we had sooooo much fun getting to hang out with all of the cousins. E's family is literally spread out from coast to coast, so it is a blast when we all get together!

Most of Oklahoma and Kansas looked about like this.

Driving past Oklahoma City!

What a beautiful bride! We are so happy for you two!

E posing with Abe and Jake at the reception.

The white socks dance

Let me give you a little background information about the picture above. The Bride's dad, Johnny, always wears white athletic socks (always), even when his daughter is getting married and he is wearing a suite. All of the cousins decided they would do a tribute to Johnny by wearing white tube socks to the reception. They called Johnny out on the dance floor and then all of the boys joined him for a tube socks dance. I stomach hurt I was laughing so hard!!

We drove back to Dallas on Sunday, and the packing really began. On Monday, we picked up the U-haul and stuffed it full!

We definitely needed the 26 footer.

My handsome mover!
We set out for Florida bright and early on Tuesday for the 16 hour trip! Instagram helped me document our journey!

5:23am and we were on the road.

Only 840 miles to go!

It took us a few hours to get out of Texas so this was an exciting sign!

E was our caravan leader.

Driving over the swamps in Louisiana.

Champ sprawled out in the backseat for the entire ride. He was such a good boy!

LSU's stadium from a distance.

Crossing into Mississippi.

Mrs. George's home state!

Welcome to Alabama! We are getting so close!

Howdy Mobile!

Our new home state! I can't believe it!

10:11pm cst we pulled into the driveway. It was 11:11pm Florida time!
I can't believe we made it all the way in one day! We were all pretty tired, but  it wasn't near as rough as  I thought it would be. We spent all day Wednesday unpacking and are almost finished. We have a few pieces of furniture to buy and then we will be all finished. I'll be back with more house pictures once we get it all decorated, but here is a sneak peak! .

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

In health,

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