Let the chaos commence!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


The packing has officially begun! Here's our schedule for the next week:

Thursday: Last day of work/ packing as much as we can.
Friday: Drive to Kansas
Saturday: Our amazing cousin Lacey gets married! Woooohoooo let's celebrate! :)
Sunday: Drive back to Dallas
Monday: Pack the U-haul. It's all gotta make it in one trip!
Tuesday: Drive the 16 hours to Tallahassee! Eeeek!
Wednesday: Unpack the U-haul
Thursday: Setup/decorate the new house
Friday: Start my new job!!!!!
Saturday: Remain in an exhaustion induced coma all day. No, really we'll need to go buy some furniture. :)

Wish us luck!! :) I'll be checking in with lots of pictures of our progress and have some great guest posts lined up!

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