Have you jumped on the green smoothie wagon yet?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi There!
How was your Monday? Pretty marvelous I hope! So I want to talk green today, but not in the traditional eco friendly way (although I'm a big fan of that too). I'm sure you have all heard about "Green Smoothies" by now. Talk of them have been floating around the Healthy Living Blog World for some time now, and I myself am a HUGE FAN. But what is all the hype about?

Minus the fact that they are super tasty, green smoothies have a ton of health benefits, some of which you may not even think about!

Breakfast, snack, and lunch in the office = 3 green power smoothies!

Benefits of Green Smoothies:
  • Improve Energy - Green smoothies are extremely nutrient dense and full of healthy whole foods that can give you more energy and help you feel great!
  • Help regulate your digestion (you know what I mean). - All of the fiber in the greens and the fruit help keep everything working properly on the inside.
  • Help tame cravings for sugary and salty snacks. When your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, you have better control over your cravings.
  • Regulate mood swings.
  • Improve your skin. I can testify to this one! Ever since I started to drink green smoothies regularly, my skin definitely looks smoother and more radiant.
  • Blending fruits and veggies make them easier for your body to digest. When blended, most of the cells in the greens and fruits are ruptured, making the nutrients easier for your body to utilize.
  • May help control your weight.
  • High in antioxidants and phytonutrients!
  • Help improve mental clarity and focus.
  • Great source of hidden calcium! Did you know these greens were packed with calcium:
    • Kale -188mg (19% DV) in 2 cups chopped
    • Seaweed - 126mg (13% DV) in 1 cup raw
    • Bok Choy - 74mg (7% DV) in 1 cup

I eat at least one green smoothie every day, if not two! They are the perfect easy breakfast or post workout snack. You can easily add a little protein power, nut butter, or avocado for a little extra protein and healthy fat. For even more guidance on how to build a healthy and tasty green smoothie check out my green smoothie page

Are you ready to get blending?

What is your favorite green smoothie recipe? Link up below!


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