Seed Breakdown - Chia Seeds

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello There!

How are you? How is your week going so far? Mine is rocking along quite nicely. I think my cough might finally be on the way out, and I only blow my nose every 10 minutes now instead of every 5 (too much information?)! Those are pretty big accomplishments in my book!

So I don't know about you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the health information out there. We should eat tons of this, none of that, blend this, bake that, drink only this... blah blah blah! One hot topic these days that gets me very excited is talk about superfoods! I am a firm believer of the statement, "you are what you eat," so I love discussing foods that make you healthier from the inside out. Three of theses superfoods are chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds. Huh? What's the difference? Aren't they all seeds we should just throw in the ground and watch grow? Not exactly. I thought we would take the next three days to break down the differences and benefits between these three little gems starting with chia seeds!

We’ve all heard the buzz about chia seeds, and many of ushave probably even cooked with them, baked with them, or thrown them in asmoothie, but do you really know why they are so healthy for you? Check outthese stats, and next time you get asked why you’re eating a chia pet, you’llhave plenty of facts to rattle off and leave your skeptic awed!

Still not convinced? Check out these other amazing benefits!
·        Increased energy levels
·        Improved Digestion
·        A better complexion – Thank you antioxidants!
·        Help increase muscle tone
·        Boost mental sharpness
·        Help you sleep better at night
·        Great source of cholesterol –free proteins
·        Contain over 9 essential amino acids
·        2 tbsp contains 10.3 grams of soluble andinsoluble fiber!!
·        Help prevent diverticulitis
·        Help curb cravings by supplying your body withnecessary vitamins and minerals.

Another wonderful thing about chia seeds is that they arealmost tasteless, and can be added to practically anything. I throw them in mypancakes, smoothies, muffins, on top of salads, in soups, and sometimes evenjust straight in my water bottle. Speaking of cooking, did you know that chiagel can help you cut fat in baking but substituting for half of the butter andoil in recipes.  Additionally, thegelling effect of the seeds in liquid, along with its unique blend of solubleand insoluble fiber, slow down your body’s conversion of starches into sugars.When eaten with a meal, chia seeds can help you turn your food into a steadystream of energy rather than a series of spikes and dips! My favorite way to eat chia seeds are in my chia power balls!

Well there you have it, chia seeds are pretty darn impressive! They can be found at most grocery and whole food stores. I love to buy mine from the bulk food sections as Whole Foods or Central Market because they are significantly cheaper! I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!
Have you ever tried chia seeds?
How do you like to eat them?
In health!

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