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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


How are you today? So I know, everyone in the healthy living blog world always does "What I Ate Wednesday," but I didn't eat anything very interesting on Tuesday, so I thought I would share what I at ON Wednesday. I know, so much more interesting. Probably not.

I had a coupon for a free meal from My Fit Foods, so I stopped by Tuesday on my way home from work to scope it out. I went with the Killuh Chili. It was gluten-free, and the medium serving only had 310 calories. The chili was spicy and full of lean ground turkey, black beans, tomatoes, and peppers. It was absolutely delicious and totally filling. I was stuffed!

E had to go to an event for dinner, so you know what that meant for me? Breakfast for dinner!! I could eat breakfast for dinner every night, but E wouldn't go for that so I have to take advantage while he's being fed elsewhere.

It might not look all that delicious, but I promise it was just what the tummy ordered. Part 1 was a 1 egg and 3 egg whites omelet that was bursting with tomatoes, tons of spinach, 1/4 an avocado and basil. Part 2 was a piece of Rudi's gluten-free bread with a little bit of peanut butter and half a banana. I sauteed the spinach and tomatoes in a little basil and garlic before putting them in the omelet and it really did the trick!
After I had a full belly again, Champ and I went on a nice walk. It felt amazing outside, and Champ was bursting with energy. As we strolled along, we came across this beauty. I'm not sure what type of flower it is, but it was so pretty I just had to share.

After the walk, I got to work on my playlist for my Dance Cardio Party Class in the morning. I am so excited about our new warm-up. Take a listen!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Be sure to check back in next Monday for an exciting giveaway!

What is your favorite breakfast for dinner combination?

In health,

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