Weekend Fun + the Aerobie Ring

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I spent most of my weekend on one of these guys in reformer training.

It was a blast, but I am completely pooped! My body is tired from practicing all of the exercises and my brain is a little tired from information overload; however, it was an absolutely amazing training. I seriously feel so lucky to have the chance to learn from such amazing instructors.

Although, most of the weekend was spent in training, we did make some time to have a little family fun with the Aerobie Ring. The nice people over at AeroAerobie Ring Ring sent me one to try out. The Aerobie Ring is a high tech frisbee that can fly further than you ever thought possible. The soft grip makes it very comfortable to catch, especially on the run!

We decided to play a little game of catch in the backyard, and as you can see Champ definitely wanted in on the action!

It's not your traditional piece of exercise equipment, but we all definitely worked up a sweat running around and throwing it to one another. Well, when Champ wasn't wearing it like jewelry that is.

It was great because it would stay in the air long enough to get a running start and catch it with ease. The perfect activity for the warmer weather we are enjoying right now.

Speaking of warmer weather, we took the opportunity to enjoy the Spring weather by busting out the grill. E is quite the grill master and whipped up a piece of salmon for me, steak for him, and some sweet cajun corn to go with it!

The perfect ending to a busy weekend!

How was your weekend?

What is your favorite way to get moving outdoors?

In health,

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