Smoothies and Chips.... What more does a girl need?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

How are you today? Did your Monday go pretty smoothly? Mine was pretty good, minus the fact that E had to go out of town on business. I taught three fun and sweaty classes - Cardio Barre, Piloxing, and strength training. I also got to have dinner with my amazing friend Kelli!

Katherine over at the Real Food Runner is doing a 7 day Green Smoothie Challenge, and I decided to join! Today was day 1, so I decided to go green for breakfast (well kinda brown). I used blackberries in my smoothie so it turned my smoothie kind of brown instead of green even though I used 4 large romain leaves. No matter what the color was, it turned out delicious!

Berry Banana Smoothie With Romain

by Lauren George
Keywords: blender breakfast snack gluten-free vegetarian romaine
Ingredients (1 serving)
  • 1/2 banana
  • 4 romaine leaves
  • 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • hand full ice
Throw in the blender and push go!!
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So I try to eat pretty healthy 90% of the time, but sometimes a girl just needs something salty! Am I right? One afternoon last week, I was sitting at my desk and I could barely concentrate because I was so stinking hungry. I had at least 3 more hours until I would be home and I knew my brain would shut down before then. We just installed some new vending machines in our clubs lobby that are suppose to be filled with only healthy snacks so I decided to see if I could find anything I could eat. There usually aren't too many gluten-free options in vending machines. :/ I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these guys staring back at me from behind the glass.

I wasn't completely sold on the healthy part at first (some "veggie chips" are no healthier than regular potato chips they just make you feel better by saying veggie), but at least I knew they were gluten-free. I reached into the bag and pulled out one of the chips for inspection.

I popped one in my mouth, and they were absolutely delicious. Crunchy with a slight potato chip flavor plus a kick and they definitely satisfied my craving for something salty. After devouring a couple (I was starving remember), I flipped the package over to check out the nutrition stats. They were equally as impressive (they are chips after all)! The whole package contained only 140 calories, 6g of fat, 150mg of sodium18g of carbohydrates, and 2g of fiber. That blows your regular potato chip out of the water! :)
The ingredients list wasn't too shabby either! Ingredients: Potato flour, potato starch, expeller pressed sunflower oil, tomato, salt, potassium chloride, spinach powder, turmeric, beet powder.

Overall, I was very impressed! Next time I'm throwing a party or just having a chip craving these guys will definitely be what I reach for!

Have you tried any of Snyder's new Naturals line? Apparently, they have tortilla chips, cheese curls, and pretzels that are all gluten-free too! I haven't tried any of those yet, but they sound delicious!

Anybody want to join me in the 7 day green smoothie challenge?

What is your favorite green smoothie recipe?

In health,

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