Aerobics Competitions are making a comeback, and I LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello There,

How are you today? Did you try out the new exercises for Lean Legs March?

So you all know how much I love teaching aerobics, especially step and dance formats, so naturally, I love videos like this. The 80's sure knew how aerobicize (probably not a word, but who cares)!

Well, guess what, aerobics competitions are making a comeback and Texas is leading the way! Well, of course we are! Every year all of the college recreation group exercise programs get together to share ideas and spend time with other crazy people who are as obsessed with group exercise as they are. I looked forward to TexFit every year when I was in college, and this year, they definitely took it up a notch by adding in a fitness competition component. Check out Texas A&M's AMAZING routine. I am seriously beyond proud of my aggies!

Way to go girls! You rocked it! :) Anybody live in Texas who wants to start working on a routine with me?? I'm so not kidding!!! These things need to make a comeback, even more than leg warmers need to make a come back. Ok, so maybe they tie! :)

I hope you have an amazing day! Don't forget to get your sweat on today and eat your veggies!

Who is dying to compete in a fitness competition now??

How did you get your sweat on yesterday?

In health,

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