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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello There Beautiful!

How was your weekend? Mine was nice and relaxing but busy at the same time. I had one weekend off from certifications, and I used it to catch up with friends and the hubby!

On Friday night, E and I tried out a new restaurant called Mint Asian Fusion Cafe.

It was super cute on the inside, but lets just say you could hear everything your neighbors were talking about. One of the best things about Mint, is that they had TONS of gluten-free options. There was even a big GF next to all of the gluten-free options so there was no guess work involved. We started our meal with some spring rolls. They were so fressh and delicious.

For my main entree, I ordered the pad thai woon sen with shrimp, chicken, tofu, and veggies. Apparently, this dish was made with some type of special noodles that are healthier and lower in carbs than regular pad thai noodles.

So it might not look that beutiful, but my tummy sure loved it!

On Saturday, I met my friend Katie for lunch. Whenever I go to lunch with Mrs. Katie I always make her try crazy places with me that I know E won't like. Luckily for me, she is very brave and usually down to try anything. This Saturday, Bliss Raw Cafe was our experiment of choice.

Everything here is completely raw and gluten-free. Talk about easy ordering for me. Katie ordered the Greek Pizza. Look at all those amazing veggies.

I ordered the Greek wrap. It was full of avocado hummus, carrots, tomatoes, bean sprouts, and capers all wrapped in a crisp piece of romaine.

It was seriously and explosion of amazingness in my mouth. I loved the hummus so much I am determined to try and recreate it somehow. If anyone has any avocado hummus recipes up their sleeves, please send them my way!

I did do things other than eat this weekend, but nothing worth taking pictures of. There was lots of walking with Champ, cleaning, and then of course on Sunday I watched E play football. Always fun!

I'm off now to finish cooking dinner so I can feed E before he heads to play basketball. Yes, I"m talking about my husband not an 8 year old boy. He plays more sports than some kiddos. Hahaha!

How was your weekend?

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

In health,

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