This Little Piggy Went to Market

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello There!

So I wrote out an entire post on Sunday night to share with you guys on Monday, and when I went to post it Monday morning it was no where to be found! Oh Blogger how you drive me crazy sometimes.....ok, a lot of time!!! Anyways, here goes take two.

Thank you for all of the well wishes at my Pilates certification. It was an absolute blast. I learned so much and got to play on super fun and effective equipment such as this guy.

Meet the Pilates Chair! Has anyone ever worked out on one of these. It is possibly one of the most challenging, versatile, and compact pieces of exercise equipment ever invented! I can't wait to start working out on it regularly and create amazing programs for my clients.

So why do I have to wait to start working out on it? Funny you should ask. Day three of the workshop had a little bump in the road which turned into a big bump on my toe! Pretty early on in the day, I turned around and stumped my pinkie toe on one of the pieces of equipment. It was one of those hurt so bad it makes your stomach hurts kind of experiences. Since I was surrounded by strangers, I was trying really hard not to make a big deal about things; however, when I took my sock of a few hours later I was shocked to see how large my toe was. I knew things weren't quite right! Check out my right pinkie toe. Please don't judge my pedicure (or lack there of). ;)

I went to bed Sunday night really hoping that my toe would magically heal overnight. So my dream didn't exactly come true. I woke up around 2:30am with my toe pulsing in pain. I really felt quite ridiculous. Who knew a toe could hurt so dang much. I went in and taught my 6am class on one foot. Luckily, one of my amazing friends came to class to demonstrate some of the exercises I couldn't do. Thank you Katie!!

After class, I decided it was time to face the music and go to the doctor. I went to the urgent care facility right by our house. They did an X-Ray, and to my surprise my toe, wasn't broken but dislocated. At first, I was really relieved. Then, she told me that she could either do a quick grab and pop to put it back in place or put in a nerve block first and then pop it back in. Not wanting to deal with needles, I opted for the "quick" pop. There was NOTHING quick about it. She pulled and yanked for a while before we heard a little pop. They did another x-ray only to find it was only about 50% back on track. She said since it had been over 24 hours since I dislocated it my soft tissue had already started to settle into their new place. She then had to do some myofascial release to get my tendons to loosen up enough to try to put my toe back in place again. I was really regretting not taking the anesthetic at this point. It seemed like forever and then she said hold on and tried to slide my toe back again. Finally, I felt a pretty big pop, and another x-ray confirmed that it was about 80% back in place. She buddy taped it to my next toe in hopes that would bring it back over the rest of the way.

I think it's even more swollen today then yesterday since it was tortured for a while this morning! Enough with the sob story! Sorry for the rant. Needless to say my workouts were kept to a minimum today.

I'm off to put some more ice on the little Piggy. I hope you all are having a wonderful evening!

Have you even dislocated a joint?

In health,


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