Pilates & Pancakes!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


How are you today? I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far! Mine has been so much fun and very educational! (Does it make me a dork that I used those two words in the same sentence?) If it does, I don't care! I spent most of my evening yesterday playing on one of these guys!

Balanced Body Cadillac (source)

No, it's not a torture device. In the Pilates world, this is known as a Cadillac or Trapeze table. It is actually an amazingly effective and fun piece of workout equipment that can be used to introduce beginners to Pilates or challenge the most advanced students in ways I never thought possible. Think hanging upside down from those top bars or doing pull ups! Ahhhhh, I love it! Has anyone ever worked out on one of these guys before? What did you think?

I'm headed back for day two of training in just a little while, but before I go I need to fuel up with a delicious breakfast. Like most Saturday's, I was in the mood for pancakes. However, when I went to the fridge to get out the ingredients, I didn't have any eggs! NOOOOOOO! I thought my pancake dreams were smashed. Luckily, this is about the time that I remembered I could sub regular eggs for flax eggs. I used this gluten-free pancake recipe, but subbed the 2 egg whites for another 1.5 tbsp ground flax and 3 tbsp almond milk. They were slightly less fluffy than the pancakes with the egg whites, but still tasted fantastic! Pancakes craving - satisfied! :)

 Alrighty, I'm off to read over my notes and get ready for day two of training! I hope you have a marvelous Saturday!

What do you crave for breakfast on Saturday?

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