My Recipage Is Up!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday Loves!

I hope everyone is having a glorious Friday so far. I'm beyond excited because I start my first of six certifications tonight to become a fully certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor! Ahhhhh so excited!

Balanced Bod Pilates! Source
I'll be sure to let you know how the weekend is going and share some of the fun things I learned! On to other exciting news, my Recipage is almost finished! You may have noticed that the last few recipes I have posted (check them out here & here), are in a super easy to read, share and print format that is compliments of I hope my Recipage makes it easier for you guys to find recipes that you like, and it's definitely much prettier! If you are a Food or Healthy Living Blogger that shares recipes, you have to check out and create an account for yourself. It's incredibly easy to use and FREE! Can you believe it? Thank you Emily and Casey for creating this amazing website!

Recipage (source)

So Cool!! Go scope out my Recipage to see what you think! :) One more thing before I go pack up for Pilates. I have a new love in my life that I just have to share with you. I'm actually shocked I am just now trying this stuff. I mean, where have I been? Fage 0% Greek Yogurt is the amazingness I am referring to. I am pretty obsessed with the Strawberry/Goji Berry and the Blueberry flavors. They are amazing! The thing that I love the most, is that the fruit flavor is separate from the yogurt so you can add just the amount you want. I try to watch my sugar intake, so I only put in about half of the fruit filling to keep the sugar count in check. It's still totally delicious, even with only half!

I'm off to get ready for my certification! Wish me luck!

Are there any Pilates instructors out there with some wise words of wisdom?

If your a food blogger, do you use Recipage?

Who else loves Fage?? Me, Me, Me! :)
In health,

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