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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Howdy Folks!

How was your first day back to work/real life after the Holiday weekend? My brain definitely had trouble catching back up. I kept thinking it was Monday all day!

When I got home from work today, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by finally planting the herb garden I purchased a few weeks ago!

The kit came with 3 different types of herbs and then I bought three more. The kit came with little soil pellets that were smaller than hockey pucks. The directions said to mix them with 4 1/2 cups water, which is precisely what I did and voila! They exploded into a bucket full of soil.

It was quite crazy looking! I filled each little pot with soil, seeds and then more soil.

Since I am not exactly an herb or gardening expert, I thought it would be wise to label my pots so I don't end up putting spearmint in my spaghetti sauce on accident!

I have to keep these little guys in the front yard so my little guy (aka Champ) doesn't dig them all up. I planted parsley, basil, chives, cilantro, spearmint, and oregano. I can't wait to see how they all turn out.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. Until then, they will just be hanging out by my front sidewalk! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Q's and A's:
Was it hard for you to switch back into work mode yesterday?
Do you have an herb garden?
Any advice?

In health,

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