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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Howdy All!!

How is your Hump Day treating you? Mine has been busy busy. Last night, my little sister came in from Austin to drop a friend off at the airport and we had fun catching up and swapping stories. All of her wild adventures always make me feel a tad boring! Haha :) It was great to see her!

Since I knew I had to rush home after work, I made sure to get my strength training workout in early. Yesterday's plan included biceps and triceps. I did three sets of each exercise alternating back and forth between biceps and triceps.

- Standing bicep curls with dumbbells
- Tricep kick backs with dumbbels

- Assisted tricep dip
- Assisted narrow grip pull-ups

- Tricep pull downs on the cable machine
- Straight bar bicep curls on the cable machine

I also taught a kickboxing class and a cycle class. I think yesterday's cycle class was possibly one the most fun cycle classes I have ever taught. We had a rocking playlist, my students were bubbling with energy, and we all cycled our little hearts out!! It was AMAZING!

Since it's already 6:30pm, and I have a ton of homework to do, I am going to leave you with a cool video I came across today. This video discusses a study that looked at the antioxidant content of 3,139 different foods!! Can you even name that many foods? I sure can't! Check it out!

I'm off to read my marketing textbook. Yuck! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Q's and A's:
How do you break up your weight routine?
By muscle group? Upper and lower body? Or total body?

In health,

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