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Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Who wants a Happy Friday kiss? (source)

Woooohoooo "it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!!!" If you don't know where that's from, please click here. It cracks me up every time! :)

I was reading Laury's blog the other day, and she mentioned participating in the Thrive in 30 Challenge so I decided to see what it was all about. The informational series was developed by Brandon Brazier a professional triathlete and mastermind behind the Vega product line. He is the author of several books which I am planning on tracking down today. I'm pretty sure the rest of the healthy blogging world has already read them by now. Whoops!


The Thrive In 30 program promises to teach you (this is directly from the website):
•How to combat stress using whole, plant-based foods and high net-gain nutrition

•The whole food truth about protein, fats and carbs—and how balancing your diet will help you build a younger body
•How you can alkalize your body’s pH to combat disease, improve sleep and lose weight

•What superfoods to use to balance hormones, detoxify body or lower cholesterol
•How to identify common foods that cause unexplained, mystery illnesses
•How to use nutrition to strategically fuel your body so you’ll have greater endurance, maximize the return from your workouts and recover faster
•Why nutrition, exercise and sleep are the secret to empowered mental health

•Long-term strategies that will help you transform your health for life

The first lesson talks all about how to combat stress using wholesome nutritious foods. Since combating stress is an ongoing battle in my life, I knew I had found something good. Brandon discusses how stress effects your sleep patterns, energy level, weight, and overall health. One thing that I thought was really interesting was the fact that "60% of all the stress you experience is uncomplementaryand 70% of this uncomplementary stress is nutritional stress." That is a lot of stress that we are putting on our bodies that is completely preventable. Although the fact that I often worry about things that are out of my control is technically preventable, for me, opting for a salad over a hamburger seems a little bit more manageable.

I found lesson one extremely interesting and I can't wait to get the second lesson in my inbox in the next couple of days. I am not a vegetarian and honestly don't know if I will ever completely be a vegetarian, but I am always open to learning new things especially if those new things promise increased energy, reduced headaches, slowed signs of aging, and overall better health! Who's not a fan of those things?

If you would like to join me in the Thrive in 30 Challenge simply click here. It is completely free, and who knows, we might learn a few things along the way! :)

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

Q's and A's:
Have you ever read any of Brandon's books? Thoughts?
Will you join me in the Thrive In 30 Challenge?
What are you up to this weekend?

 I health,

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