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Monday, July 11, 2011


How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully marvelous! Did anyone do anything exciting? Like I told you on Saturday, Eric and I went to the Taste of Dallas and had a blast! It was a day fun of fun, food, friends, and heat! Although some of the event was inside, there was a large outdoor portion so we got our food and sweat on at the same time. Delicious! :)


Taste of Dallas is a big festival where all of the restaurants from around the city come out and sell small portions of their most popular creations for you to try. We pretty much ate our way around Dallas in one day. There are also arts and crafts vendors, kitchen supply vendors, and many other displays. There was even a sports section, which of course Eric loved!

There was also a petting zoo with the cutest little baby pigs you have ever seen. Look how little she is compared to the duck! They also had a large area dedicated to all of the pet rescue societies here in DFW. There were so many cute puppies that I wanted to take home with me, it was hard to leave!

In one of the expo halls, there was a spa that was offering chair messages. I have a very bad habit of tensing up my shoulders when I'm stressed which produces a minefield of knots along my shoulder blades. When I saw this, I just couldn't resist. No laughing at the picture. I was in Heaven!

Now, on to the food. After a lot of walking around, I had worked up an appetite and a good sweat, so I wanted something to cool me off. What does that better than frozen yogurt? I opted for a non-fat chocolate and vanilla swirl. It was mmm-mmmm good! Eric chose jerk chicken for his first test run, but I forgot to take a picture. Oooops! Shortly after that, he decided to try some BBQ.

Next, we came across a Fletcher's corndog stand, and E couldn't resist. While we were searching for a table in the AC, I found a vendor that was selling watermelon bowls for only $2. Yes Please!

Across from where we were eating, there was a beautiful cake display. I really wish I had the talent to make cakes like this!

Before we headed hme, Eric needed to try one more thing. He just couldn't pass up these cheese covered, brisket topped nachos from The Blue Goose Cantina.

I promise they tasted better than they look! With very full bellies and tired feet, we decided it was time to head home. Since parking is always an issue around Fair Park, we decided to take the DART to and from the event. There is a DART station very close to our house, and it drops you off right in front of the gates for Fair Park. We did have to switch trains one time in downtown, and as we waited for the next train, I admired these guys. Aren't they neat?

Well, that about sums up our visit to the Taste of Dallas. Overall, it was a very fun event, and we have three new restaurants we are looking forward to trying out in the future. I am off to get ready for the week ahead. I hope you all have a great Monday!!

Q's and A's:
What did you do this weekend?
Does your town have any special food or wine festivals?

In health,

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