It's Gettin Hot In Here.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello Loves,

How are you today? Is your week off to a nice start?

My Monday was a little long, but good. I started my day off at 5:00am and got back to my house around 7:15pm. There was a step and strength, a kickboxing and barre, a yoga class, and a whole lot of work in between. Overall, a little exhausting, but petty good! :)

I don't know how the temps are in your neighborhood, but it is dang hot here in the Big D. I mean fry an egg on the sidewalk, get a sunburn in 5 minutes, and sweat in the AC hot!!

Can you say WOAH!!?? Although the heat is a little exhausting, there are some definite bonuses to the warmer weather. Bonus number one is delicious and refreshing little cuties. I pop these guys like skittles in the summer time!

Two other foods I love to eat in the summer are hummus and veggies. The veggies are cool, and the hummus fills you up without weighing you down. I was strolling through Whole Foods the other day (there is really no other way to shop at Whole Foods), when I came across a brand new hummus that looked too good to pass up. It actually tasted too good too; they were handing out samples! ;) It is a black bean hummus made right here in Texas. It's kind of crazy becuase it tastes like a cross between a bean dip and a hummus. Your taste buds get a little confused. I highly recommend it, and check out those ingredients!

At least if you can't find it in your state, you can try to make it yourself. Maybe I will test that out sometime. I have still never tried to make my own hummus, even though I've heard it's not too hard. Have you ever made homemade hummus? If so, want to share the recipe?

I also LOVE the heat because it means Fighting Texas Aggie Football is right around the corner!! I am already counting down the days until the first game. September 4th is kickoff if you were wondering! I purchased these at the Taste of Dallas to prepare for the season! I can't wait to test them out at the first tailgate.

Lastly, I love the heat because it makes me want to do sun salutations. When the sun is shining down on you so brightly, what else can you do but salute it?? Check out this quick video demonstrating Sun Salutation B, and try it out on your mat tomorrow morning and greet the sun in style! (If you are reading this post on an iPhone, and cannot see the video below, click here.)

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Q's and A's:
Have you ever tried making homemade hummus?
Do you ever practice yoga at home or do you stick to a class setting?

In health,

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