Saturday, July 16, 2011

Howdy Bloggies!!

How is your Saturday treating you so far?? I just LOVE Saturday! You have a whole day to spend any way you please, and there is still a whole day between you and heading back to work. Splendid!

I started my Saturday off with a five mile run around White Rock Lake. I can't even tell you how lucky I feel to live close to such an amazing body of water. The thing I like the most about running around the lake, is how much activity is always going on. It seriously looks like there is a bike race, a marathon, a parade, and a picnic going on all at the same time every single Saturday. There are just that many people getting their fitness, sun, and beauty on all the time. Seeing everyone else working so hard to improve their fitness is so motivating!

I forgot my camera so I had to borrow this picture. source
After a long very cold shower and 2 huge glasses of water, it was time for some much needed breakfast!

Banana Chia Oatmeal
- 1/3 cup whole rolled oats
-1 tbsp chia seeds
-1 cup water
-1 tbsp peanut butter
-1 stevia package
-1/2 banana sliced

I like to pour the water over my oats and chia seeds, then allow them to soak for about 15 minutes before I put them in the microwave. This allows the oats and chia seeds to soak up some of the water which bulks up your oatmeal quite nicely!

I spent the rest of the morning, cleaning the house, reading blogs :), and watching house hunters. Talk about relaxing. I am off to meet some friends for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and for some retail therapy at the mall! This really is turning in to quite a nice Saturday!


I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! Don't forget to schedule in a sweat session or two this weekend! :)

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Q's & A's:
What is your favorite thing to do on Saturdays?
What are you going to do to get your sweat on this weekend?

In health,

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