Forgive me for my absence + Grocery Store Adventures

Monday, May 2, 2011


I have to start by apologizing for my complete absence last week. I can honestly say that last week was one of the busiest of my entire life. I worked close to 55 hours, spent a good 6 hours driving around from job to job, and still had to go to class. I'm not complaining, I just wanted to explain my absence. I have to be honest, the next two weeks will probably be pretty similar. I will try and get in as many posts as possible, but I can't make any promises. Please bare with me!

Sunday is the day for laundry and grocery shopping. Laundry isn't my favorite, but I LOVE going to the grocery store! I could spend hours strolling through the aisles comparing prices and nutrition labels. It's like a fun scavenger hunt every week. Sometimes E and I go to the store together, but today I got to go by myself. I say "got to go by myself," because Eric doesn't usually like to send me alone. He thinks that if he's not there to monitor what goes into the cart, he won't get all of his junk food. Against my better judgement, I purchased all of his not so healthy staples today so he should be happy when he gets home from football. Check out this cart full of goodies.

This cart looks like it belongs to someone with split personalities. It's about two-thirds healthy and one-third unhealthy. Compared to what E used to eat, I can't really complain. He would tell you that I really have nothing to worry about because the results from his health screening came back perfect. His blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels were all above average. How does someone live on Snickers, cookies, fried chicken, frozen pizza, and Mike and Ikes and still have perfect levels of everything?? He is seriously a medical mystery. All I can say is, I really hope our kids get his amazing genes!!

The groceries in our house are pretty divided. There are not too many things that Eric and I both eat. Come to think about it, minus dinner food, we don't really share anything food wise. Here's a comparison of my groceries to Eric's.

Not seen here are Eric's snickers, chewy bars, and fruit snacks which
we purchased big boxes of last week.

We are both creatures of habit and purchase similar things every week. A few of the things I could not live without include:
  1. Luna bars
  2. whole grain wraps or tortillas
  3. bananas, strawberries, and or grapes,
  4. peanut butter
  5. eggs
  6. oatmeal
  7. almond milk
  8. yogurt
  9. morningstar veggie burgers
  10. avocado
I am off to finish some homework and laundry. I hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Q's and A's:
Do you like grocery shopping?
Do you prefer going by yourself or with your significant other?
What are some of your staples you buy every week?

In health,

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