Monday, April 4, 2011


How was your weekend?? Mine was absolutely amazing and it's not over yet! Eric's wonderful dad got us tickets to the Final Four men's basketball games! Can you believe it? We headed down to College Station late late Friday night to get ready for the Final Four on Saturday. We set out for Houston around noon and attended the pre-game festivities until 5pm when the first game started. There will be a full picture recap of the games later on. We are going back for the championship game tonight, so we will have to wait to see what happens!


On Sunday, we got to have lunch with my parents, watch my little brothers flag football scrimmage, and hang out with the family for a little while. I feel like every time I see my siblings they have grown a foot taller. By Christmas of next year, I will probably have gone from being the tallest to the second shortest of five! Sunday night, we got to catch up with some friends from college. It's so strange hearing about everyone's new jobs and houses in other towns. Oh how we grow up fast! :) So far, this weekend has been wonderful and the best is yet to come with the championship game tonight at 8:00pm!

I have to give a big congratulations to the Texas A&M women's basketball team for making it to the championship game for the first time in school history!!!! They played an amazing game against Stanford, and I am so proud of them! Beat The Hell Out Of Notre Dame Ladies!

PIPES Challenge Update: I have been participating in Life After Bagels PIPES Challenge for 2 weeks and it's going well so far! The goal is to work up to 100 consecutive push ups in 6 weeks. To check out the challenge, head over to Morgan's blog or check out the official 100 push up challenge website. I tried this challenge months ago but never finished. This time, I have extra motivation in the form of a the strapless dress I have to wear for my cousin's wedding in June. ;) Bring on the toned pipes!

Alright, I'm off to make some oatmeal (of course) and get ready for the gym. Eric and I are going to try and squeeze in a workout before we head back down to Houston for the day! I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

Q's and A's:
Are you a basketball fan?
Have you been watching the tournaments?
How was your weekend?

In health,

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