Give Yourself A Little Bit Of Love!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Apparently, grad school is getting the best of me this semester. Yet another day when I can't manage to post until 8 o'clock at night. Oh well, what can you do? How are you this evening? Did you have a nice hump day?

Today's Workouts: a quick 4 mile run this morning before work, teaching a strength training class, and then taking a friend's boot camp class

Sticking with yesterday's theme of the power of positive thinking, I had another negative thought moment today. While doing a football drill in the boot camp class I attended, I caught a glimpse of my back side in the mirror, and I thought to my self, "Geeeezeeee look at that jiggle." I have always known that baby's got back, but when you are surrounded on three sides by mirrors, the song starts to play a little louder in your head. Anybody else know what I mean? Anybody? So once I recognized the thought was not positive or productive, I started to think of all of the things my "strong" lower half does for me. I began to realize that although I am not 100% happy with my body (who is?), there are a lot of things I do love.

For example:

I love my lungs because they allow me to breath in the fresh Texas air.

I love my heart because it gives me the power to love others.


I love my hands because they grip the weights that make me strong and hold the hands of the ones I never want to let go.

I love my sore knees because they let me know when I need to rest.

I love my arms because they allow me to hug the ones I love.


I love my ears because they allow me to hear sweet sweet music that makes me smile.

I love my eyes because they allow me to watch the sunrise during a great morning run.


I love my flat feet because they let me stand on them all day without too much complaining.

Saving the best (or the one I need to work on loving the most) for last. I love my legs because they give me the ability to run, which keeps my mind, heart and body strong.

We all deserve to love ourselves just the way we are right now. Next time you have negative thoughts or are not so happy with the way a certain body part looks, think about all of the wonderful things it is doing for you in that very moment. How can you hate your stomach when your abs allow you to sit and stand up straight all day?

Tell me what part of your body you love and why!

In health and love,

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