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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Friday,

I'm sure everyone is even more ready for Friday than usual since this was most people's first week back to work! This is going to be a quick post, because I am running around like a crazy person getting everything ready for our friends and family that are coming up for the Cotton Bowl!! Whoop!

I am so excited to go to the game and cheer on our Aggies! I know we are going to Beat The Hell Out Of LSU!! (All non Aggie readers, don't worry, I'm not a violent person that is just something we say.)

Last night, I made a classic his and hers dinner. Whole wheat pasta with meat sauce for Eric, and pasta with roasted veggies for me.

I also had a yummy mushroom and black bean salad on the side.

The best thing about last nights dinner was that I had leftover roasted veggies to take for lunch today. Frittata + roasted veggies + black beans + black bean and corn salsa = one delicious lunch! I know it doesn't look beautiful, but trust me it was amazing! I just love leftovers!

I have also been meaning to tell y'all about a book I 'm reading. I am about half way through, so I will give you the full scoop when I'm done. My friend Katie recommended it to me a WHILE ago, but I am just now getting around to reading it.

So far, I love this book! It really breaks down common relationship problems people have with food, and gives you exercises to work on fixing them. There is a quote on the back of the book that describeds it perfectly. "The key to changing the way you eat is not discipline over what is on your fork, but mastery over your hungry mind." I'll give you more deails when I'm finished reading!

I'm off to finish cleaning! I hope everyon has an marvelous weekend! Go Ags!

Questions of the day:
What are your favorite leftovers to take for lunch?
Are you reading any good books right now?
What are your plans for the weekend?

In health,

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